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    Fighting the LOVELY Enterprise-F Mirror Universe ship. (Aka I.S.S. Stadi)

    1080p - 369 MB
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    Doc Uni

    Default new mission on SFA

    I just run into some new mission on Starfleet Acadamy. Its about the path to 2409.
    Seems like you get a different data pad every day with a different part of Starfleet history.

    Here you can get the mission

    after you got your 'daily' data pad you can answer a question to get some xp und dilithium.

    My question of the day

    BTW the correct answer to this question is 'Sela' couldn't answer it with out help because my data pad was about some other chapter of the history.

    In the second picture you can see the whole mission dialog and my data pad entry to my logs. But my entry was volume 27 chapter 1 and the question was about volume 6 chapter 6. So seems like there are alot of data pad to earn down at SFA
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    I found this weird drop called a particle fragment it doesn't have a description and I couldn't use it after i picked it up. this might be used later for something like high level crafting.
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    those are meant to be only given out in events, and i have no idea what use they are

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    Seem the ship look better on tribble. Maybe just a lighting issue.

    Here the ship on Live

    Same ship on tribble

    For both ship I simply beam up from earth space dock and turn the camera.

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    Special Reserve Requisition Space Set Mk X

    Set piece abilities
    SFEF full set effect and set3 ability (Heavy graviton beam)

    The ability uses a 90deg arc and is an instant hit.

    Heavy graviton beam at 108/100 aux (on an escort)
    -15 flight speed to target for 4.1 secs
    -2236 kinetic damage (12dps) to target
    +25 repel to target
    -20 aux to self
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    Special Reserve Requisition: Klingon Honor Guard: Space Set Mk X

    Klingon Honour Guard full set effect and Set3 ability Mask Energy Field.

    3km radius range

    +2347 stealth
    15% defense bonus - lingers for 5secs after dropping stealth
    5% recharge reduction to cloak and fighter launch (this seems bugged giving you instant recloak)

    The Mask energy signiture seems bugged also since you can use it instantly after coming out of the ability.
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    Special Reserve Requisition: Kellerun Infiltrator Space Set Mk X

    Kellerun full set and gravitic anchour ability

    The ability uses a 90deg arc and acts like a torpedo (not targetable).

    Gravitic anchour at 108/100 aux (on an escort so not the best ship to test on)
    -11,020% flight turn rate for 5 secs.
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    Special Reserve Requisition: Starfleet Elite Force Ground Set

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    Special Reserve Requisition: Klingon Honor Guard Ground Set Mk X

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