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    Default Method To Max Your Crafter (post season 4)

    This guide is basically just a "quickie" way to get your character to max crafting level while also having their craftables benefit themselves and the fleet.

    Initial Facts:
    • Crafting takes 1,650 points to max out.
    • Schematics are required for almost every item you can craft, these take 10 red samples each.
    • 165 Schematics will therefore max out your crafting level so that you can make anything for your faction in the game.
    • That means you need 1,650 of the red samples to do this.
    • You can get approximately 150 to 175 of each of the three types of red sample per hour using the method below.
    • Assuming 150 x 3 per hour you will get 450 samples, meaning 4 hours or so grinding to get all of your raw materials.

    1. Enter the Delta Volanis cluster
    2. Only scan Anomalies, do not enter systems when they are offered (by default)
    3. If you want some variety then enter systems to only scan the anomalies in there, then exit and return to the original plan.
    4. Doing this for the requisite time will typically also get you a full set of the rare particle traces (except Chronometrics usually)
    5. Once you have enough samples, go to Memory Alpha (FED) or The Forge (KDF) and start crafting schematics that you know you will be making into items for you and your alts e.g. ship weapons, consoles, sniper rifles etc

    Any excess schematics and or craftables of high quality (purple stuff) can be deposited in the fleet bank to minimise any waste from your grind.

    You could also purchase the required materials but that would be a very expensive way to get the job done.

    Another approach could be to simply take your time gathering red samples for schematics, and the appropriate sample types from the other clusters so that you can craft items usable by you, your ship, your BOffs etc. This method will likely take you longer but if you are levelling that character at the same time then this could work out well for you.
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    Awesome and awesome! I thank you Sir!

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    It's pretty cool that the values for crafting schematics is always a static ten. Most MMOs when you craft, after a while, you wouldn't get any points for crafting low level junk. I Pretty much just maxed out my KDF toon by doing schematics only. Sure, it wasn't terribly exciting, but it was a nice steady way to progress while saving my good mats for when the Crafting was all maxed out.

    However, I do kinda wish that they had some Department specific items. Like, a few bits of gear that ONLY a Tac could craft like special weapons/grenades or whatever. It would give the different careers a bit of color rather than having everyone be able to craft pretty much the same junk (with the exception of Fed Phasers and KDF disruptors, etc)

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    Nice signature you have, Borghugger ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FortyTwo View Post
    Nice signature you have, Borghugger ;-)
    Aw, thank you! It came free from the C-Store once I died my 500th time by falling into the plasma in Infected :]

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    Thank you Irish,

    It was a bit of a grind but I made it. I got crafting maxed this weekend thanks to your guide. now when I Reach VA I can make anything I want.

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