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    Default USS Enterprise - NCC-1701-F - Odyssey class

    There is now a page for the Ent-F on the offcial site at You can now see the ingame screenshots of the ship:-

    And here are the new screenshots they promised:-

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    Yeah, I found that last night, was rather confused why they sent me to and I couldn't find anything...

    It's really looking good, but I still think it should be called the "Enterprise" class. It's about time, and it would let us pilot an "Enterprise" while still naming it what we want. Wishes, horses, and all that.

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    The Constitution refit in The Motion Picture was actually refered to as 'Enterprise' class, to be honest though, i'm quite happy with the class name they've chosen :-)

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    Nice! I'm fine with the class name too though last I heard they were going to have a contest for that as well? Anyway, though the link to isn't giving me anything yet the little thumbnail looks nice...need bigger pics!

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    Am I being slow? I can't find it on AND I WANT.

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    Please join in welcoming our newest blogger, Daniel Stahl, executive producer for Star Trek Online, who, in his first piece, gives us an inside look at the final version of the latest U.S.S. Enterprise, based on a fan-submitted entry that won Cryptic’s Design the Next Enterprise contest.

    The Christening

    The day has arrived -- and we are happy to reveal the final version of the winning ship from our Design the Next Enterprise contest. We present to you the fan-designed U.S.S. Enterprise-F, a new Odyssey-class starship built in a time of war to act as the flagship for Starfleet and the Federation. Originally submitted by fan Adam Ilhe, the design was finalized by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at the San Francisco Fleet Yards.

    The new Odyssey class represents the next stage of Starfleet Cruiser design, emphasizing stability and firepower while allowing for versatility in exploration. In the Star Trek Online timeline of 2409, the galaxy is embroiled in war with numerous threats to peace and stability. This Enterprise is designed to carry a message of peace, as well as to show the strength of resolve that forms the foundation of the Federation.

    Reflections on the Design

    Adam’s sketch inspired us. It created internal discussions about the evolution of the Starfleet Cruiser and how this ship represented a new approach to design that would lead us into the future. The silhouette remains familiar and recognizable, yet the ship offers an evolution in design that adds both beauty and function worthy of the name Enterprise.

    With twin necks and sleek curves, this vessel is larger than any previous Enterprise. It represents an overwhelmingly beautiful presence and is an inspiration to the fleet. With slight bows to the neck and nacelles, this ship flows through space with purpose. We’re thrilled to have brought this design to life and feel that the final render elegantly captures in high detail the spirit and flow of Adam’s original.

    Future Forward for the Enterprise-F

    Now that the ship has entered service, it will be revealed to players in an upcoming Star Trek Online Feature Episode in which players will be able to see the ship in action and meet some of this ship’s new crew members. In addition, player captains will soon have a chance to earn their own Odyssey-class ship so that they can experience the power and grace of this ship for themselves.

    Stay tuned as the U.S.S. Enterprise-F enters the Star Trek Online universe and makes itself known. We would like to give a huge thank you to all the fans that contributed to this contest and to the ongoing support for the game. We look forward to the future together.

    And last but not least …

    A very special thanks to Adam Ilhe. You have a wonderful imagination and your ship is beautiful.

    To read previous entries in our Design the Next Enterprise Dev Diary series and to see earlier iterations of the Enterprise F as it morphs from concept into Star Trek Online starship, visit our Building The Next Enterprise page, which also includes information on how you can download and play the game.

    Daniel Stahl is Executive Producer for Star Trek Online
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    I like it, the deflector looks like an eye.
    The article is kinda short and doesn't reveal anything, other than it will be coming in a Featured Episode sometime and we will eventually be able to procure it.
    I hope they release more pictures since it is now "set in stone"
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    When I first saw this ship I wasn't a big fan, but now I really like it, and it does look like an Enterprise. I can't wait to see the Enterprise in game, and I might even fly it on my Engineering alt.

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    I like the name

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    love it.Adam "hard to pronounce name" must be really really proud.

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