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    Default Chunter ED builds

    As and when i make a ship or find someone else's build that i use i'll post them here.
    They may be of some use to someone one day.
    Note: all ships engineered , you'll have to unlock the engineers and find the materials yourself.

    No ammo anaconda designed for long range community goals, doesn't have to go back for ammo and has srv to gather materials for limpet synthing if needs be.
    Exploration anaconda 271 mil to buy, 13 .5 mil rebuy

    Multi role Anaconda 459 mill to buy 22 mill rebuy

    Asp Explorer general duties 42 mil to build, 2.1 mil rebuy

    Federal gunship 128 mil build, 6 mil rebuy

    cheap combat Cobra 10.7 mil to build , rebuy 536k

    My Anti-Thargoid Python :updated but not used yet. 309 mil to build, 15.4 mil rebuy

    Multi role Python 132 mil to build 6.6 rebuy NOTE: changing multi cannons to fragment cannons.

    Fer De Lance, good for bounty hunting 132 mil to build, 6.6 mil rebuy

    My Current Corvette build is based from this Just change a couple of engineer mods and a couple of things to suit myself

    DBX Explorer build , runs cool, not used yet but will be soon. 13.3 mil to build, 665k rebuy
    DBX explorer, jump slighly further than the above, 16.8 mil to build,
    843 k rebuy.

    Long range anaconda build, 70 ly jump distance,will be using this one that i made. 261 mil build, 13 mil rebuy

    Beluga first class passenger build 157 mil to build, 7.8 mil rebuy

    Cargo cutter 280 mil to build, 14 mil rebuy

    Mining cutter, ship seems too expensive to be a trader imho but also turns too slow for combat 446 mil to build , 22.3 mil rebuy

    Jack of all Trades cutter , EXPENSIVE!, 1 billion to build, 50 mil rebuy....... ouch.

    type 9 trader 150 mil to build, 7.5 mil rebuy

    Pirate clipper 67.2 mil to build, 3.3 mil rebuy

    Chieftain Hull tank 85.2 mil to build, 4.2 mil rebuy

    Type 10 Defender poor ship, doesn't really know what it is.. combat/assassination version 634 mil to build, 31 mil rebuy slight combat trader 499 mil to build, 24.9 mil rebuy

    Diamondback Explorer general duties 15.9 mil to build, 796 k rebuy

    Anti Thargoid Anaconda 614 mil to buy, 30 mil rebuy

    Combat cutter just over 1 billion to build and has 53 million rebuy

    Piracy Krait 220 to buy wih 11 mill rebuy

    Anti Thargoid Challenger 129 mil to buy 6.4 mil rebuy

    Armed Cargo Cutter 649 mill to buy 14 mill rebuy

    Mid sized orca passenger ship, good for doing one or two missions to gain station rep. 65 mil buy . 3 mil rebuy.
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    Ive added a ton to your "cargo" to be more accurate ;-)

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    A ton to my cargo? i'm lost mate, don't get it.

    fyi if you do the passenger missions whilst they're "hot" you can make enough moniez for these builds
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    added couple of more ships : note you'll need to learn about power priorities on all of the builds. see this video

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    Ive got a 54ly range on a hauler so far, total cost 200,000 credits including buying the ship.
    only engineered the FSD upto grade 4 so far as im one disrupted strange wake thingimedoodad of grade 5.
    for those interested in exploration on a budget this might be the build for you.
    plus i painted mine bright green and named it starbug 1.

    Ill post a build later if i remember lol.
    gotta pass the time while i wait for 4 points of notoriety to wear off.

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    if you're exploring use the "roads to riches" website, it'll plot the most profitable route.
    oh and shooting ships for materials whilst not in an anarchy system? been there, done that.

    oh and 54 ly from a hauler? i wanna see that build, most i can get is 48 unladen

    make real exploration money with this one
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    the massacre mission i was doing said i would protected from that (and from system security) both were lies and i had to fight my way out.
    i was down to 85% hull when another anaconda dropped in, lost my fighter pilot, i will morn her. it was sad day lol
    Im really struggling to get back on track with my fed ranking, i need a specific rank up mission which isnt dropping. already at 100% rank but im hoping that doing the fed missions will provoke the rank upgrade to drop.

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    Those are carried out in combat zones correct? sounds like you didn't go to your right panel and choose a faction, or you chose the wrong faction.
    Infact now i think about it ,yes massacre missions are done in a combat zone and you have to choose a faction when you drop in, its then kinda like team deathmatch.
    So if you've just been flying around finding random enemies that aren't in a combat zone you will get notoriety.
    IF you were in Teamspeak MORE you'd find shit out you cockwomble.
    Also fighting in combat zones is TOUGH, you need a heavily engineered hull or shield tank.

    Pilot will still be there, its the ship thats gone. On my Corvette i have a total of 16 fighters i believe and once each ship "dies" the pilot "beams" back to the ship for me to re use him or her.

    What ship you using ? i'm guessing Fed gunship.

    Added gunship build up top.

    either way get in ts n00b
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    im using the anaconda. i bought a ferdelance, i think thats a combat ship but i just liked the glass roof lol.

    mostly im using the anaconda for passenger missions and combat at the moment. ive grade 5'd the fsd for range while carrying weapons and shields.
    the hauler ive nearly finished grade 5'ing the fsd that g4 at 53ly's range currently. thats just for visiting fleeties and nipping over to paladies to see the thargoids.

    the ferdelanece and imperial eagle are just for looks at the moment.

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    ok not worried anaconda is a great ship but it needs a lot of engineering

    fyi fed and imp ranks here

    Been thinking about making a mutli purpose anaconda as well , here's what i came up with
    it loses a lot of jump range due to heavier gear but this is loosely based on my corvette build.
    if you use this build or anything similar i would disable the srv hangar and wake scanner modules to give more power, also power pips in combat need to be a set at 4 sys 0 eng 2 weapons.
    In combat all you need to do with this build ( and a bit of practise) is send out a fighter, leave it at default of defend, open cargo hatch and fire out limpets bow and again to collect materials.
    Bind the kill warrant scanner to your beams so once you see wanted appear start shooting and seeing if ship has a bigger bounty on it at the same time.
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