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    Default I'm back!

    Hey All!

    So, after some time in SWTOR, WoW, ESO and a lot of Skyrim/Fallout 4 I'm back in STO and coming back to Jupiter Force.

    My OG app is here:

    And my Ribbon account is here:

    Glad to be back!
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    Welcome back!

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    I got Skyrim a few weeks ago on the xbox one, already had it on PC, plays very good. Still want to try out ESO one day

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    Woot! We're putting the band back together. Let us know if you have any questions about some of these new systems. Looking forward to hearing your fresh perspective on the new missions and additions to the game.

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    I've been playing Skyrim heavily modded, tried it out on my Oculus Rift but the workaround isn't quite there. I'm interested in Fallout4 VR and DooM VFR for sure. ESO I held off on for the longest because I didn't want to pay for it and not like it, especially with limited character customization compared to Skyrim. There was a free weekend late last year and I tried it out, it's very much like the single-player Elder Scrolls games so I went ahead and took the plunge.

    As for my STO insights so far...

    I popped back in to STO during the first R&D Promo and used 3 years of stipend zen to win a T6 T'liss for my main Rommie ( ) and a T6 Connie for my Eng ( ), but the WoW expansion had just hit so I focused on that instead ( ). I had bought the Temporal Agent pack as well and around xmas time I was back long enough to run a char through to 50 ( ). The ToS intro is pretty cool I must say, as well as all the extra "Remastered" episodes that have filled in the story. I came back again just a month or so ago and bought a single pack of keys with my zen and got a T6 Kelvin Connie so created a Kelvin char, and been playing that one through from the start. First time going through the Academy tutorial, and I just made it back to the Dyson Sphere, which was when I left the game while in Jupiter Force, so I'm looking forward to see how the game story unfolds.

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    Here's the chars I've brought into fleet(s) so far.

    Jupiter Force
    Pasqua Hawthorne - 60 - Tac - T6 Fleet Tactical Escort Refit
    Sarleya t'Rllaillieu - 58 - Romulan Tac - T6 T'liss Temporal Warbird
    Jaquelyn - 60 - Eng - T6 Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser
    Vozeth - Temporal Tac - 50 - T6 Miranda Fleet Advanced Light Cruiser
    Siana-Ner t'Illialhlae - 50 - Romulan Eng - T6 Dinaes Warbird Destroyer
    Anja Xyli - 50 - Eng - T6 Temporal Light Cruiser
    Ferriana - 50 - Sci - T5 Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer

    House of Jupiter
    Poison - Tac - T5-U Risian Corvette
    L'lorel'ei t'Rahaen'fvil - Romulan Sci - T5 Tulwar Dreadnought Warbird
    Kivlaht - Eng - T5-U Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer

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    Welcome Back

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