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    Default Looking to barter for a free ship code

    So, received an email from Perfect World with a code for a free T6 Sovereign and 10 specialization points. I just bought the T6 sovereign when they had the sale for black friday, so I don't need it, and I have enough specialization points to fill the next specialization and they haven't even made it yet. Any offers? You can pm me if you are interested.

    Figure I will give you guys a week, then if I don't hear a reasonable interest I will post this in the in game chat or forums.

    Just send me a PM if you are interested, or if you have a reasonable idea for how much this should go for.

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    I thought that the code was bound to the account associated with email address?

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    I am not sure that they are, and there is no way to confirm without trying it. I'll go out on a limb and give the code to someone to try and they can give me like 20 keys or something if it works so that I can go buy a lobi ship. There is an element of hope and trust involved. But it should be risk free one way or the other. I trust someone to use the code, and they have no risk. I may lose a free ship that I already have if someone is dishonest, and 10 spec points for an alt, but that is pretty minimal. If they say my code doesn't work for them, I will use it and not be out anything. No risk if the other person is honest.

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    they are tied to emails,tried weewee's code and didn't work.he then tried it on his own account and it didn't work.sorry.

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    It might have come on my freeper account, which is why it didn't work on my standard account... bastards lol

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