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    Default Kubrows and Kavats

    The Kubrow are a canine-like egg-laying species that originally served as companions and pets for the Orokin, and later as attack and guard animals for the Orokin elite.

    For the Tenno, a Kubrow can be a powerful and loyal ally; however, they are limited to melee attacks, and require constant care and proper maintenance.

    To acquire a Kubrow for the first time, a player must complete the first part of the Howl of the Kubrow Quest, which provides the segment required to repair the Incubator equipment within the Landing Craft's Orbiter compartment. The quest also provides other resources and equipment required for incubation, such as the Incubator Power Core blueprint and guides the player through the breeding process for the first time.

    Read up completely here

    Kavats are a type of companion, similar in appearance to cats. They normally live in Infested areas and feed on the Infestation. Wild Kavats are naturally invisible and are not hostile to players unless they are scanned.

    Before breeding Kavats, you must upgrade your Orbiter's Incubator Segment with a Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. The Upgrade Segment may be purchased from the market for Platinum or the blueprint may be researched and bought in the Dojo. (The blueprint requires 10 Kavat Genetic Code on top of the 10 needed to breed a Kavat).

    To breed a Kavat, the player must have 10 Kavat Genetic Code, and an Incubator Power Core. Additionally, the player cannot have an existing living companion active (i.e., out of stasis and available to take on missions), and there must be a free Stasis Pod available for use.

    Get all Information about these creatures here
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