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Thread: Pilot Escorts

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    I think I might be going through Installation 18 a few more times and picking up more piercing tetryon dual beam banks. They have the tetryon proc but also a chance for 50% of the damage to ignore the shields completely. I think there is also a 360 degree tetryon array for an Iconian set that I think helps tetryon damage, but I'm gonna have to look into that. Just working off what I've seen in some YT vids as far as that goes. lol

    So far just messing around in the Solnae Dyson Sphere doing the little zone stuff I've been having fun with the cannons and stuff I had on my Armitage... though I'm down one cannon in the front... lol

    I like being able to drill into a ship and then bounce backwards for a second run on the same facing. lol Looking forward to having it decked out with more current gear and seeing what it can do. I think I have some boffs suitable for a beam ship, but I might be retraining some if not.

    Another option I'm looking at is Coalition Disruptor dual beam banks, but I kinda like the idea of stripping shields while doing damage behind the shields, and then unloading with a torp spread when the shields are gone.

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    I can craft an additional Tetryon 360 beam array if you like.

    Check your in-game mail at ESD
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    Nice! Thank you!

    I can't check the mail until this evening after I get home, but I can guess as to what I'll find. lol

    I should only need the one. I have two rear slots and I want the KCB for the other. My Omega rep should hit tier 2 today so hopefully I'll have it soon depending on the cost.

    The only thing I'm curious about now is if I'm gonna have to fight a canyon full of Gorn just to get to the spot for Installation 18 every time or if there is a shortcut. Getting three more of the piercing tetryon dual beam banks could potentially take a while. lol

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    Thanks again for the array Spud! Working on the Omega marks to buy the KCB with now. I need to start running Installation 18 but I've been too lazy to get into it in the evenings. lol

    So far I'm loving the Ajax! It can take a crap ton of damage but doesn't feel like an absolute tank, which is how an escort should be. I have no doubts there are those that could be nigh on invincible in one, but right now I'm not that person. Too much time away from the game and not enough time with the ship, not to mention no build put together specifically for the ship either. I do seem to be able to take more than some cruisers but I have died a couple times in the new Red Alerts. Usually it is if I'm not careful and one of those stupid little platforms from the dreadnought pulls me in. lol It has been fun to fly into a group during one, pop the tac console during the run, pop the science console to group everything together and then bounce backwards to let the tac console finish doing what it does, and then flying through the group laying eddies from the engineering console in my wake through the middle of the group. Dunno how effective it is but it is fun to do. lol I really need to hurry up and train some boffs with AOE skills... everything I have is single target and doesn't take advantage of the grouping ability this little ship has.

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    So far I am still enjoying the hell out of this little ship. It didn't take long to unlock everything and get the trait on the Ajax. I'll be switching over to the Icarus and work on that one a bit to unlock everything there and then move on to the Mercury.

    I really like the synergy between the consoles. You can group ships together, do an extra AOE, then leave behind more AOE presents as you pass through what is left. I like hugging the "boss" ships and pooping out eddies all over their hulls. I dunno how effective it really is, but it's fun and that's all that really matters. lol

    I also noticed that with EPS Power Transfer, Evasive Maneuvers, and Attack Pattern: Omega the ship doesn't turn so much as just flip with little to no lateral movement... it essentially seems to do a bootleg turn. lol

    The pilot abilities are also quite fun and allow for quick re-positioning and a nice way to GTFO to avoid core explosions or just get a second pass at a target.

    I'm still working on getting the consoles I want from the spire, but it's hard getting Fleet credit when all the fleet marks in the projects are always filled! lol

    I also like the Admiralty cards for these ships as well. There have been quite a few missions just one of these ships could handle on its own due to the bonuses they get when alone. I do really need a better dedicated science ship though, as the little Rhode Island I had available has worse stats for science missions than my cruisers. lol But still, in a pinch a lot of times the Icarus works as long as the science requirement isn't 100+.

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    Not too long ago Ooiue parsed a combat log of a queue He, Dustmop (I think it was, I apologize if not, lol) and myself entered in for purpose of finding out our DPS.

    Well, my damage was dismal... LOL

    I think it was like 1.5k in my un-upgraded Armitage.

    Well, with the new ship and the only significant changes being a switch from single target skills to AOE (CRF and THY switched to CSV and TS), an Elite Plasma Integrated warp core from the Spire, an extra cannon, and a kinetic cutting beam (finishing my two piece) things have improved a little... lol

    I'm waiting until I can get some nice spire tac consoles for tetryon before I equip my dual beam banks and swap over to beam skills (I'm stacked with phaser consoles right now), but for now I'm pretty happy with the results. I think mostly learning how to use the consoles together, having AOE skills to take advantage of this ship's grouping ability, and this ship being so easy to keep on target made the biggest differences in the change. Other than losing two turrets and gaining an extra DHC and the KCB the weapons were the exact same as the 1.5k run.

    So yeah, I'm loving the Ajax and am looking forward to building it up. I'm excited to unlock the stuff on the other two as well and see how I like those compared to the Ajax. lol

    It looks like a fighter jet or some kind of dragster too. I love the costume options.

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    i have a lvl 55 fresh toon with hardly any decent traits that pumps out 30k dps,your 6k dps is dismal mate i'm afraid.
    grab me on ts sometime and we'll talk.

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    lol, I know it's dismal, just not as dismal as it was. I'm trying to improve on that.

    Right now I'm mostly still working with gear I had three or so years ago and I think do far I've upgraded one piece to MK XIV. Everything else is like MK XII. Heck, I think I've even got a white tac console... lol I'm currently working my way through the newer reputations to open up better gear there and I have yet to start the new group of missions past the Solnae stuff. Haven't had any real time to dig in to a series of missions lately so I've been doing dailys and hopping into Red Alerts and the Counterpoint queue, so nothing big.

    I'll see if I can get on TS this weekend. I'll welcome any advice you or anyone else has.

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    different queues have different results, ISA is where everyone does their parsing I think

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    I've been mainly parsing the Na'Kuhl red alert but I've done some combat logs from Counterpoint and both seem pretty consistent to each other as far as my DPS ratings. I haven't done many ISAs since I've returned as I want to bring my damage up first, but maybe I'll run a couple to get a baseline there as well.

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