Winter Event!

Join Q in his Winter Wonderland!
Save the Gingerbread men from an invasion of the Snowmen in the new event “Cones of Conduct” in the Winter Wonderland.
Enjoy new weapons, devices, Winter Coats, Epohhs, as well as the new Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser.
For more details, please visit our Winter Event blogs at: and and


Resolved an issue which was causing player ships to disappear when doing an impulse transitions to the next map in some episodes.
This includes episodes such as Sunrise and Stormbound.
Resolved an issue which was occasionally causing crashes when transferring to another map.
Updated the quality of the FX for the following:
Fire Suppressor
Neutronic torpedo spread
Fire Tornado in the Badlands Battlezone.
Resolved an issue where Breen ships would become partially invisible at a distance.
Resolved a number of text issues throughout the Kobali Adventure Zone.
Resolved an issue where costume presets would sometimes flicker in the tailor.
The Dyson reputation info contact will no longer state that the Breach is a valid queue in which to earn Dyson Sphere marks or Voth Cybernetic Implants.
Added Cecily Adams to the memorial list.
Resolved an issue that could cause 23rd century Starfleet engineers to have a 25th century uniform.


Resolved a text bug on the Odyssey Engineering, Science, and Tactical variants that stated that they gain +20 to appropriate stat when alone.
This should be +35.
Updated all descriptions for Admiralty Ship Abilities that ignore Event modifiers to indicate that they also ignore those that reduce stat requirements.
Owning the Kara Advanced Warbird [T6] will now correctly provide a fleet module discount on the Fleet Ha'apax Advanced Warbird [T6].
For players who have experienced this issue where a discount was not applied, the discount will be automatically applied in the store after this update.
Resolved an issue where many Duty Officer missions were missing on the current map the player was on.


The following powers and abilities required a significant overhaul to improve server/client performance:
Removed the small radius (0.3km) secondary explosion from individual hits of Torpedo Spread, on all Non-Targetable Torpedos (except Neutronic – see separate notes).
This secondary explosion was incorrectly causing it to universally deal minimal damage, and was leading to an unexpected and unintended number of excess combat calls, and proc chances.
Resolved an issue that was causing Torpedo Spread to check its chance to activate special effects twice per activation pulse (up to 4 extra times @ Rank III).
This change will normalize the proc chance of Torpedo Spread, bringing it more in-line with expected behavior, and more balanced overall with High Yield, Transport Warhead, and other special torpedo firing modes.
Resolved an issue that was causing Fire-at-Will to check its chance to activate Kemocite-Laced Weaponry and Plasma Explosion (from Embassy Consoles) twice per activation pulse (5 extra times @ all Ranks)
This change will normalize the proc rates will using Fire-at-Will and bring them into better balance with Cannon Scatter Volley, Cannon Rapid Fire, and other special energy firing modes.
Plasma Explosions (from Embassy Consoles) now check their chance to activate on every shot of a firing cycle, instead of only the first shot.
Due to the increase in opportunity to trigger, their base damage has been reduced by 18%.
This change will allow all firing modes to benefit equally from these effects
Neutronic Torpedo Spread (all ranks):
Primary Target will initiate a 5.0km Radiation AOE once per Torpedo in the Spread volley (1x @ Rank I, 2x @ Rank II, 3x @ Rank III)
Secondary Targets will not cause Radiation AOEs at all (instead of also causing a 3.0km radius AOE)
In order to offset this reduction in number of AOE explosions, the Base Damage of the Radiation AOE has been increased by 400%
This damage change only affects the Torpedo Spread version of this torpedo – all Radiation AOEs from other firing modes remain unchanged.
This change will cause a reduction in the triggering of special abilities that were attaching to the Radiation AOE of this special Torpedo (e.g. Kemocite Laced Weaponry)
Resolved an issue where Photonic Overcharge was overly benefiting from damage enhancements.
Ranged weapons that deal Physical Damage are no longer enhanced by the +% Physical Damage mod on the Counter-Command Exo-Armor, Solanae Sentinel Environmental Suit, and many other armors.
This mod only affects Melee weapons/attacks.
Corrected an issue that caused some science powers to build more than 1 stack of Time to Kill.
Kemocite-laced Weaponry now only triggers off the main target of Torpedo: Spread volleys, with one Kemocite Explosion per torpedo which hits the main target.
The Kemocite Explosion damage when triggered by a Torpedo: Spread volley has been increased.
Quantum Phase Torpedo's shield drain now only triggers once off the main target of Torpedo: Spread volleys.
The shield drain radius and damage when triggered by a Torpedo: Spread volley has been increased.
Supremacy will now only trigger when Beam: Fire at Will or Cannon: Scatter Volley is active.
Winter Event-only weapons no longer benefit from skills such as “Advanced Tactics”, and are no longer affected by traits or enhancements.
Their tooltips have been updated to state they damage Snowmen, and no longer state they do normal damage.


Removed the volume in the Ancient Iconia template map that was causing issues with backdrops.
Updated the description of the Locker Wall detail objects to include the information that one of them is random.
Set the Herald groups to level 57.


Added a "Delete Multiple" feature to the Mail UI.
Project sliders for Reputation, Guild, and Alliance contributions will now start at the maximum slider value instead of the minimum, excluding Dilithium.
Added a unique banner in the episode journal for the category Future Proof.
There is now a proper error message when trying to reclaim a ship from the C-Store when there already is a version of it Dry Docked.

Known Issues:

Unlocked Trait slots become "Locked" while in a queue or adventure zone which lowers the player’s level.
This includes when teamed with someone at a lower level in an instance.
Changing the windows in the Ship Tailor can also change the materials option.
Players cannot challenge other players on different maps.
Item slots display as empty when items are attached while composing a message.