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    Default SWTOR 4.0: Stat Distribution Numbers & Gearing For All Classes

    I have been waiting for someone in the community to crunch the math and present it and here we go:

    It covers targets for mastery, power, crit, alacrity and accuracy. It also provides baselines on what augments to use (crit / alacrity / accuracy) and what tertiary stat to have on your enhancements (earpieces and implants are considered as enhancements in this context) and finally what type of power crystals to use.

    The guide goes a step further by provided that data for gear level 216, 220 and 224. For example:

    Republic side my main DPS is a gunnery commando and this guide says that for a 220 gear level I should aim for:

    5158 Mastery / 2779 Power / 1188 Crit / 831 Alacrity / 685 Accuracy
    2 Crit augments / 7 alacrity augments / 5 accuracy augments
    6 crit enhancements / 2 alacrity enhancements / 2 accuracy enhancements {this includes earpiece and implants}
    2 crit crystals

    The resultant output should be capable of 6.3k dps at 41 APM. Overall that gives me a solid spec to work towards and a benchmark to aim for.

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    Daayyyymmmmnnnn, this is really useful

    6.6k DPS for my Sentinel is my aim for 220, guess I should up my game with the 216's in the meantime then

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    sweet hell nice work
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