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    Default Atrox Carrier help?

    Also that planner didn't have Krenim temporal set that is also same time equipped to carrier, so i tried to find most closest items.

    Thank you for Crewman status.

    Now i need help and items to boost my carrier and Tetryon damage.

    Also all suggestions and help is respected with high celebrations. And Beer, never forget beer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaranh View Post

    Now i need help and items to boost my carrier and Tetryon damage.


    /end Iconian hate mongering rant

    The Atrox is ... , not the best ship ever ... -- but it did (for it's time) had one of the nicest looking ship models .

    The problem with trying to build a Tetryon build based on the items of the Nukara Appropriated Munitions set is that it being a carrier it's not very manuverable , thus it's not very good for Dual Beam weapons , nor mines .

    The Temporal Disentanglement Suite form the mission "Butterfly" is the better choice if you insist on going Tetryon .

    Other then that , look over the suggestions and builds in these threads for the Atrox , and see what you like :

    Also all suggestions and help is respected with high celebrations. And Beer, never forget beer.
    Well , you could always visit Germany's "Oktoberfest" ... , as long as that lasts in the current political climate .
    Despite the initial outrage from the fans in 1996 at the use of the name 'Dinobot' for a Decepticon , these calls were soon quieted as through this character we got a wonderfully deeper exploration of what it means to be a Decepticon , including deception , self deception , code of honor , ritual suicide and more .

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    I have both.. Temporal set and krenim fitted on that ship.... Now bought from fleetshop tetryon baset vunerability locator console for my tactical slot, need more shiny to buy second one. For that i get around 67% more tetr damage... Well, still learning, next ship will be Fleet T6 Science ship.

    Again deleted my klingon character and testin engineer class... So My main character will be a little less online...

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    that build is all kinda fucked up.
    busy at work atm,for now start gathering fleet're gonna need them.
    put iconian 3 or 4 piece on or dyson 4 piece space set.
    get lots and lots of fleet creds,craft conductive rcs consoles and the science one whatever its name is and hope you get utlra rare with [eps] on the end.
    when i have proper time i'll sort that ship out.

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    Thank you Chunter from the wise words. I start grinding the iconian set now. Also now i am just learning to craft thingies so maybe so e day my carrier really can support fleet in some pvp ,atches...

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    whilst your grinding that stuff out i'll get the ship build done.
    if you're not space rich, now is the time to start grinding dil out to buy keys to sell on exchange.

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    here's the for starters build.skills to follow.

    note the 3 embassy flow consoles are mk10 on purpose,cheaper and hopefully better to get an epic upgrade on the way to mk14.
    the rcs conductive console and the science exotic particle field exciter should be ultra rare with [eps] on the end. (craft or pay loadsa ec on exchange).

    note: went for polaron as its semi cheap on exchange,doesn't need to be crtdx3,as close as you can get will do. or craft mk2 polaron beams and hope to get lucky.

    tetryon is pants. stay away.
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