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    K'Tanac Son of G'Tor, House of G'Tor. Born on Nug'ka, home world of the House of G'Tor. K'Tanac had a strict upbringing to honour all Klingon traditions and to fail these traditions there shall be no seat in Sto'Vo'Kor.

    His father was General G'Tor who commanded the Klingon Fourth Battle Group during the Federation-Klingon War of 2372-73. When the Dominion War broke out G'tor was placed in command of the Klingon Third Battle Group. His battle group was paired with Starfleet's Fifth fleet. G'Tor took part in the Battle of Guyra where he fought and commanded his fleet from his Vor'cha-class flagship the IKS Che'tha. However during the battle his ship was destroyed, killing him.

    After the death of G'Tor, many high ranking Klingons in the house fought over control of the house until K'Tanac arose out of the shadows as G'Tor's son and challenged the house representatives for control of the house.

    K'Tanac has fought many glorious battles under many Generals over his service to the Klingon Empire as well as under the command of his father G'Tor. Lost his left eye in the Great Warriors Bat'leth Tournament. Loves to drink blood wine till he falls over after a glorious Battle and sing songs of Kahless. Enjoys time out to see Klingon opera.

    K'Tanac Commanded the I.K.S MOG'KAO, an old Bird of Prey that has seen many battles and he often quotes "She may be an old rust bucket to you, but im still breaking it in". Now with the exploration of the Delta Quadrant K'Tanac now Commands the I.K.S G'NTUNG, a new advance MatHa Raptor.

    "To Die Without Honour Is A Wasted Life" - K'Tanac
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