Fleet Armada:

Fleets will be able to join together to form an Armada to share resources and earn passive bonuses.
The top level fleet will be called the Alpha Fleet which can invite up to 3 other fleets which will be called Beta Fleets.
The Beta Fleets can also invite up to 3 fleets each which will be called Gamma Fleets.
This allows up to 13 fleets to join together to form an Armada.
Fleets in an Armada will receive bonus rewards which include Dilithium Discounts and Skill Point bonuses.
These rewards are determined by the Fleet's rank in the Armada and the combined Fleet Levels of all Fleets within the Armada.
Fleet Levels have been recalculated for all Fleets.
Their Level will now match the total number of Holding Tiers they have completed from all of their Holdings.
For more details, please visit the Fleet Armada blog at: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/sta...-fleet-armadas

Fleet Research Lab:

This is a new Fleet Holding where fleets will be able to build their very own Space Station Research Lab using Krenim technology.
This facility will offer many opportunities for captains to explore and participate in the existing R&D system in new and rewarding ways for equipping your ship and crew.
The Fleet Research Lab will also feature many unlockable projects to visually improve its exterior and interior.
Among many other rewards, the Fleet Research Lab will grant access to additional Reputation Trait Slot and Starship Trait Slot unlocks.
Starting upon reaching Tier I of the Fleet Research Lab, Fleets may slot new Weekly Fleet-Wide Buff Projects in the Research Lab’s Upgrade project slot.
These projects share a timer, and may only be completed once every 5 days.
Only one Weekly Buff may be active at any point in time, each lasting 5 days and applying to all members of the Fleet.
Fleet leadership may choose from 3 different types of Weekly Buffs:
Dilithium Ore Bonus
Skillpoint Bonus
Combat Performance Boost
The effectiveness of each Buff will increase as the Tier of the Research Lab Facility increases.
For more details, please visit the Fleet Research Lab blog at: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/sta...-fleet-holding

New Advanced Queue Revamp:

Advanced queues have been updated to better reward players and address issues with optional objectives blocking player progress in Advanced queues.
Advanced queues no longer fail due to not completing required objectives which were optional objectives on Normal.
These objectives are still tied to additional rewards.
All Normal and Advanced queues now reward the same amount of marks for finishing the mission without completing any optional objectives.
In order to make Advanced more rewarding than Normal, completing Optional Objectives is where players will earn larger rewards than compared to Normal queues.
Optional objectives are now the same in Normal and Advanced modes.
Some queues had different optional objectives between the two versions.
No changes have been made to Elite queues.
For more details, please visit the Advanced Queue Revamp Blog at: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/sta...-queue-changes


Moved “Time in a Bottle” into the Iconian War tab of the journal as a level 60 episode.
Updated the death FX for very large ships, like Borg Cubes, so that the screen flash is no longer zone wide.
Also updated the death FX for the Transwarp gateway in the Infected Space queue.
Resolved an issue where on rare occasions the throttle would become disabled during space combat.
Resolved a minor texture issue with the Herald Wrist Attach weapon.
Added small amounts of VO which were missing such as the last line in the intro of the Dyson Sphere Allied Zone, a few lines from 7 of 9, and a few lines from the Kobali Adventure Zone.
The FX from the Gambling Device no longer replays every time the player’s FX are reset or redrawn.
Resolved an issue which was causing the animations to not work correctly for the Chimera.
Added the "Use" command to the Tesseract Communications Receiver's right-click menu.
Corrected a Transwarp coil error that was sending ships to the wrong place when using Fleet Starbase Transwarp gates to head to destinations near Bajoran and Cardassian space.
Changed the notification on arriving transport ships to not spam in “Gateway to Gre’Thor”.
Resolved a number of text errors throughout the C-Store.
Added the following people to the Memorial Plaque:
Ellen Albertini Dow
James Horner
Rusty McClennon
Venita Wolf
William Newman
Added the following people to the credits:
Barbara Goodson
Lalia Berzins


Reduced the server performance impact of several additional types of powers.
Research and Development:
R&D Materials no longer appear in the vendor window when selling or recycling.
R&D Components will still appear in this window, as they have an EC value.
It is no longer possible for crafted Deflectors, Engines, Shields, and Weapons to gain the [PvP Res] and [PvP Dmg] attachments.
Existing items with these attachments are not being altered at this time.
Restored a missing Ground R&D School Specialization to "Zissiox", Rigelian Assault Squad Officer.
Command Kit Modules / Bridge Officer Abilities:
Bridge Officers will now only use Strategic Analysis while either they or their captain is actually in combat.
While Take Cover is active, Bridge Officers will only Crouch and stay immobile if they are within 10 meters of their captain.
In order to facilitate this update for Take Cover, it is now a Toggle instead of a Click power but players cannot turn it off prematurely.
Its recharge timer has been reduced by 10 seconds to account for this change in functionality.
Resolved an issue which caused players to not be able to select all available reward choices in some episodes.
Resolved an issue where Warp Cores could get [W->S] as both rare and epic quality mods.
[W->S] will no longer be available as a rare quality mod.
Existing warp cores will have the rare mod entry replaced with [A->S].
The benefit gained from [Dmg] weapon mods has been improved.
This bonus damage gained from a [Dmg] mod is now calculated after all other passive and temporary bonuses are applied, meaning it will amplify those bonuses as well.
In addition to this formula change, the value applied by each [Dmg] mod has increased from 2.5% to 3%.
Weapons that do not possess at least one [Dmg] mod will see no difference in their overall performance.
This will affect both Space and Ground weapons.
Resolved an issue that was causing Kemocite-Laced Weaponry to make targets shake when hit.
Resolved an issue where Chroniton Jolt's recharge time was resetting.
Resolved an issue that was preventing Kemocite-Laced Weaponry from correctly attaching to Mines and Targetable Torpedoes.
Resolved an issue with Warp Shadows that was causing the Threat generated by Warp Shadow Decoys to cause AI errors in nearby foes.
Reduced the cooldown for all 3 Andorian Kumari consoles from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.
Added Physical Damage Immunity to the Molecular Phase Inversion Field.
Resolved an issue that was preventing the Talaxian Trait "Salvage Specialist" from working properly when damaging enemies at low health for captains.
Concussive Tachyon Emission may no longer be used while in Stealth.
Resolved an issue that was causing the Sure-Footed trait to not appear in available Trait lists.
Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the owner of Danger Zone, Wing Man and/or Impulse Drafting to enter Combat when not appropriate to do so.
The descriptions on Subwarp Sheath now clearly indicate that they only grant Penetration to Energy Weapons.
Resolved an issue that caused the Kobali Split Beam Rifle to display a standard Polaron Rifle when using a rifle butt attack.


Resolved an issue that was causing publishing to fail because a process was taking too long.
Added the following ships as space costumes:
All Command Cruisers
All Pilot Escorts
Updated Federation Interior 02 template map so it did not display dark floor tiles.


Belt and footwear category and sorting improvements:
This will minimize clipping as many items were incorrectly categorized allowing pairings that weren't intended to mix.
Resolved many instances where certain items weren't checked for certain species when they should have been.
Opened a few items to both Uniform and Off-Duty categories as appropriate for species/faction.
This may require some players to "refresh" their costumes to gain access to the updates which can be done by going to the tailor and altering one item in a costume.
Finished improvement passes for footwear.
This includes improved fit, shape, and proportions.
There are less jagged polygons.
Feet are more consistently sized and have more "natural" shapes.
This does not include female Klingon boots as those will be addressed with ongoing Klingon improvements.
Corrected footwear and lower uniform items including Off-Duty to more logical/proper categories.
For example, tight pants should not have been also available in the "long loose pants" category.
This should make the category organization a bit easier to understand and navigate, improve costume mix and match results, and reduce clipping.
This also includes opening some of the footwear up to more categories.
Lower body attire category and sorting improvements:
Removed incorrect category assignments for things like Tight Pants in the "Loose" category.
Improved naming conventions so categories make more sense.
Unlocked a small number of items to species/factions that didn't have the options before.
Unlocked a small number of items to Off-Duty and Uniform categories.
There should be far less clipping in the lower body amongst these parts which have been updated.
Costume part "Long Nails" has been revised.
Long Nails made more available to other races such as Humans, Klingon, and Romulans.
Long Nails have also been made available for Beachwear.
Changed Antares boot name to something more descriptive: "Boot Low Heel"
This has also been unlocked for all species.
Klingon Boots 04 is no longer available for Federation characters.
Holo Leeta has been updated.
Added flowers to Beachwear Separate category.
Made Orion belts/loincloths work with beachwear.
Made flower belts work with Beachwear Separates.
Expanded the color palette for the Flower costume parts, Risian Swimwear, and Flower Belts.
Made minor updates to the costumes for the Risa Dance Instructor and Risa Tailor.
Resolved an issue where Male Reman Hands were not matching correctly with bare arm options.
Changed the title of the Romulan 22nd Century Uppers to Romulan 23rd Century Uppers.
Resolved an issue where Odyssey Badge 1was not always available.
All 15 Base armor sets are available to Male and Female Romulans.
Made Dyson sphere uniform work with badges and emblems.
Resolved a clipping issue with Klingon Uniforms and Emblems.
Added arms to Off-Duty Tight Vest option.
Resolved clipping on arms for the Risian Linen Shirt for male and female.
Resolved an issue with Tovan's chest gear pouches to work with him again


Resolved an issue where the Duty Officer crafting slider would not update if the player landed on a crafting assignment page through an item link.
Resolved an issue where closing the chat pop-up would erase a pinned Emote list.

Known Issues:

Fleet Weekly Buffs are currently unavailable for all Fleets.
The Ferengi Nandi Warship cannot use the set power “Friends in High Places”.
Some NPCs in the interior Fleet Research Lab are interacting with consoles which are not present.
The trait “Salvage Specialist” does not work for Bridge Officers.
Occasionally, when accepting a new Episode, the sub tasks under the episode name will not initially appear in the mission tracker.