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    Default The Ravagers Guides [SM / HM / NiM]

    This is a level 60 operation and has 5 boss encounters.

    Suggested Average Gear Rating:
    Story Mode = 186
    Hard Mode = 192
    Nightmare Mode = 198

    The third boss encounter (Torque) is the puzzle boss for this raid.

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    Boss 1 - Sparky

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Shield Collar: Sparky initially have a Shield Collar that reduces incoming damage by 50%. This collar will overload after taking a certain amount of damage and stun Sparky. The only time she regain this shield is during Brutalize.
    Adds: 3 wave of single adds spawn in the first minute, with 15-20s in between. 2 waves of duo/trio adds spawn next with a minute between them. A sixth group of adds will spawn past 3 minutes that marks the soft enrage phase with additional adds spawning every 5s after.
    Rending Swipe: Adds apply this debuff to the offtank tanking them. Each stack of debuff causes you to take 4% more damage.
    Brutalize: A random raid member is pinned down by Sparky for 20s. Damage Sparky to break her channel or they will get one shot after Spark finishes her channel
    Rampage: Sparky will jump to a random raid member with an AoE circle. Spread out to avoid having multiple raid members getting hit by the same Rampage

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Rending Swipe: Adds apply this debuff to the offtank tanking them. Each stack of debuff causes you to take 4% ore damage. The debuff have no time duration. High stacks of this debuff can cause tanks to get one shot.
    Delicious: Sparky applies a stack of this debuff with every Shoulder Throw/Body Slam. This debuff make you take 20% more damage per stack. Tank swap is advised after 2 stacks.
    Command Presence /Safety of the Pack: Any adds within Sparky’s circle will take 50% less damage and attack Sparky’s target.
    Tank swap is needed as Sparky applies the Delicious debuff and should be done on every other throw / slam.
    Adds need to be tanked away from Sparky due to the Command Presence circle around her which reduces damage to nearby adds by 50%.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    There is no nightmare mode currently (July 2015).

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:
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    Boss 2 - Quartermaster Bulo

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Shotgun Blast: Hard hitting frontal AoE with long telegraph. Mostly stick on tanks
    Scatter Blaster: Similar to Shotgun Blast bit this attack switch targets between the highest and second highest threat
    Drunken Pirates: Drunken Pirates arrive every 45s, starting at 20s into the fight. You can use the Volley circles or Mass Barrage circles to kill them or just AoE them down on storymode.
    Barrels: In the fight area are several barrels scattered all over the room. These barrels will attract the pirates and cause them to run to you. This is a good way to get them inside Volley circles. You cannot use any abilities while carrying the barrel but you can click them off on your buff bar after they have filled their purpose.
    Volley: Very hard hitting AoE circle (purple initially when it can get be moved, turns blue when it is stationary). Used primarily to kill pirates. Tend to target random players outside 10 m range of boss.
    Mass Barrage: Room wide AoE first encounter 60s into the fight. Used to camp pirate spawn points and kill them as soon as they spawn.
    Barrel Throw: Flame AoE with a big fireball effect. Deals damage if you stand in it.
    Load Lifter: A load lifter will come out every 30s to chase a random raid member.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Drunken Pirates: Drunken Pirates arrive every 45s, starting at 20s into the fight. You need to use the Volley circles or Mass Barrage circles to kill them as they have too much HP to kill regularly.
    Barrels: The same tank cannot carry the next set of barrels as doing so will cause your accuracy to get reduced to nearly 0.
    Load Lifters / Unstable Carts: Two Load Lifters will target a random raid member while the four Exonium Carts tend to always go to the tank with the top threat on Bulo. The tank just have to eat the damage while ensuring no one else is nearby for splash damage. Exonium Carts come out every 45s while Load Lifters come out every 40s.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    There is no nightmare mode currently (July 2015).

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:
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    Boss 3 - Torque

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Wookie Rage: Wookie Rage is an ability he uses every 45s starting at 45s into the fight. He will walk to one of the four consoles and channel this Wookie Rage for 3.0s to break down a console.
    Repair Droids: These drodis comes in two flavors: FIX-4U and Repair Astromech. They have next to no HP and appear with a red nameplate so they can be killed with 1-2 hits. Your goal is to make sure the repair droids get to the broken console before it gets killed by the adds or your own players.
    Flame Turret / Shoots Lasers: These are the adds that Torque summon frequently (every ~30s). Flame Turret’s job is to spread the nearby area with fire while Shoots Laser have a special long conal attack called Laser Beam. They will destroy the Repair Droid if it gets close to you need to prioritize and kill these two adds first.
    Floor Vents: Two random floor tiles will burst into flames at about 25 seconds into the fight. They will deal periodic damage to anyone standing in them but does not seem to harm the repair droid.
    Magnetic Clamp: DoT applied on a random raid member every 30-35s. The player with the DoT is immobilized and cannot perform any actions. Healers will need to be alert and cleanse off this DoT ASAP
    Sick of You: Tank swap mechanic. Tanks will get a knockback from Torque and receive this debuff. Tank swap when this happens or you will take extra damage from Torque
    Consoles: If four are destroyed the encounter fails.
    You have 45s to burn the boss before he can destroy any console. Watch out for Floor Vents and Magnetic Clamp if you are a healer. Once Torque breaks a console at 45s into the fight, clear out any remaining Shoots Lasers/Dangerous Fire Device before having a rDPS or healer summoning the repair droid in the back. Make sure rest of the raid stop their AoEs and do not accidently kill the repair droid. If the repair droid is killed, you can use the second console. The cooldown on the console is around 30s so even if both repair droids are killed, you still have plenty of time.

    Make sure to tank swap when you get knocked and receive the Sick of You debuff. Melee pay extra attention to the Dangerous Fire Device.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    The amount of DPS required to kill the boss is much higher.
    The Flame Turret / Shoot Lasers have more health.
    New set of adds called Tamper Deterrent Devices which deal a large amount of damage and require some AOE DPS since there are four on each side.
    Consoles: If three are destroyed the encounter fails.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    There is no nightmare mode currently (July 2015).

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:
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    Boss 4 - Master & Blaster

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Ravager Ultra Scatterblast: Frontal knockback on anyone caught in it. Knockback is moderate. Tank need to face boss away
    Resonant Explosive Probes: Explosives attached to 4 random raid members with varying duration. The explosives will explode pre-maturely and does a knockback if you step into someone else’s explosive circle.
    Thermite Rocket Mortar: Drastically reduce the amount of useable space by occupying them with giant orange circles. Stepping inside one won’t kill you right away but you will take a fair amount of damage. Makes it harder to avoid overlapping explosive probes.
    Calling the Boss: Activated at around ~54% of Blaster’s HP or about 1:10 into the fight. This will call in the Master Droid into the battlefield
    Overpowered Deflection Shield: This shield appears on either Blaster or Master, reducing incoming damage by 90%. This force you to attack the non-shielded droid.
    Fire Wheel of Death: Master Droid’s spinning fire attack, will follow the tank around, Melee need to beware.
    Overpowered Ion Cutter: Channeled beam that also applies a debuff that increase damage taken from the beam by 100% per stack. Can have another player stand in front of the tank to absorb some the stacks.
    Rain of Pain: Special attack from Master Droid. He will fly off and carpet bomb about half the platform. Run away from the red areas.
    Ion Pulse Wave / Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova: This is a frontal attack from Master that applies a beneficial debuff. The debuff will attach you in place, preventing from getting knocked off by Blaster’s Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova. 1 Tick of the frontal is enough to grant the debuff.
    Self-Destruct: Unfortunately you won’t get to kill both of the droids as they self-destruct at around 9%. Make sure you put your back against the wall as the knockback is pretty large.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Blaster’s Ravager Ultra Scatterblast knockback is extremely damaging and also launches anyone caught in it very far (about 4 times further than Storymode).
    Anyone with mines (Resonant Explosive Probes) must be extremely careful, since colliding into another player with a mine causes a damaging collision and knockback, potentially sending players into ground reticles or off the edge of the map.
    The Rejiggering phase at the end is much harder since Blaster and B0-55 must die at approximately the same time, due to the buff provided by B0-55 which enables the raid to survive Blaster’s Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova (huge knockback).

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    There is no nightmare mode currently (July 2015).

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:
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    Boss 5 - Coratanni

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    P1: Fight Coratanni and Pearl until Cortanni reaches 18%. She will then leave and Pearl will enrage. Click on escape pod to transition to next phase
    P2: Ruugar, be careful to not kill your party members when he holds someone hostage.

    Ricochet Shot: Ricochet Shot is an ability casted by Coratanni every 10s with a 2.5s cast time to a random raid member. It applies a debuff called Double Down that will also spread to the nearest player to the targeted person. If they get hit again with Ricochet Shot with Double Down debuff, they will likely get instantly one shot.
    Suppressive Fire: 3.0s channeled conal attack with a big telegraph, need to face Coratanni away from the raid. 15s cooldown.
    Flame Grenade: Cast every 30s starting at 30s into the fight. Flame Grenade applies a burning debuff to everyone in the raid. You can remove this by using the panels in the back to spawn blue circles to remove the buff.
    Corrosive Grenade: Poison DoT applied to a random target. 15s CD. Very low damage and can be ignored.
    Deck Guns: Four cannons will activate on a 20s cooldown one side of the room when Coratanni reaches 66%. They have big yellow telegraphs you need to avoid.
    Acid Spit: Conal attack from Pearl, need to turn him away from the raid as well. 15s cooldown with 2s cast time.
    Frenzied Onslaught: 4.5s channel from Pearl that pins the target down. 30s cooldown.
    Pearl’s Poison: DoT applied to whoever Pearl is attacking. 30s cooldown
    Activating: At exactly 732192 HP (around 18-19%), Coratanni will stop taking damage and run to the escape pod. You have a few seconds to kill Pearl before he enrages and deals 300% more damage.
    Land Mine: Orange circles placed on the ground by Ruugar, anyone stepping inside them will get a Burned DoT
    Corrosive Grenade: AoE poison around the target from Ruugar, can be cleansed. 15s cooldown.
    Corrosive Dart: A stacking DoT from Ruugar applied to the target with main threat. 10s cooldown. Tank swap mechanic
    Cull: 3.0s channeled attack from Ruugar with 20s cooldown. May force a tank swap since it causes all poison DoTs on the target to deal damage as well.
    Knockback: Standard knockback from Ruugar, 30s cooldown.
    Hostage Situation: Ruugar grabs a random raid member, any damage dealt to Ruugar will be transferred to that raid member. 60s cooldown.
    Death Mouse: Exploding droid targeting a random raid member during fight with Ruugar. Deals massive AoE damage and cannot be taunted.
    Self-Destruct: Occurs when Ruugar reaches 7% HP. Fight is over.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    The core mechanics are almost exactly the same, but all attacks are somewhat more damaging making this one of the most challenging fights to heal.
    Ricochet Shot now instantly kills people if done incorrectly, requiring good execution throughout the first phase.
    Ruugar’s enrage timer is very tight on Hardmode which requires strong DPS and a strategy to maximize uptime.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    There is no nightmare mode currently (July 2015).

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:
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