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    Default Dread Palace [SM / HM / NiM]

    This is a level 55 operation and has 5 boss encounters.

    Suggested Average Gear Rating:
    Story Mode = 160
    Hard Mode = 174
    Nightmare Mode = 180

    The third boss encounter (Dread Master Calphayus) is the puzzle boss for this raid.

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    Boss 1 - Dread Master Bestia

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    P1: Dread Master Bestia won’t aggro you unless you attack her first so you can stand next to her.
    P1: She won’t come down engage you until phase 2 so phase 1 is just dealing with her adds.
    P1: Be sure to kill the Tentacles first since if you leave them up when Bestia becomes active they can explode and kill some raid members.
    P1: Dread Tentacle. Will randomly target someone (announced in red text) and cast an attack called Spit. If you do not interrupt this Spit attack, the tentacle will one shot whoever it was targeting.
    P1: Dread Larva. Cast an AoE attack called Expectorate that hits for ~6.5k damage to the raid. These guys should be killed next after the tentacles.
    P1: Dread Monster. Raid will need to split these guys apart.

    P2: Stacking debuff on tanks. Tank should swap generally at 4 stacks but sometimes we let the tanks get to 8 stacks. If you have more than 5 stacks of this debuff and Bestia uses her Dread Strike (channeled attack) on you, you will take a ton of damage.
    P2: Combusting Seed. Red circle placed on a random raid member. This circle moves with you and will explode shortly dealing around 18k damage so move away from the raid when you get it.
    P2: Dread Pool. A red pool placed under a random raid member. This pool ticks for ~12k damage per tick if you stand or move inside it. Normally this pool isn’t hard to spot/avoid but you can get this pool dropped on you at the same time you get the Combusting Seed circle so this makes it very hard to spot.

    P3: Phase 3 is just a combination of phase 1 and phase 2.
    P3: Bestia will use all of her abilities from phase 2.
    P3: Bestia will summon adds from phase 1

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    P1: Dread Tentacles have a one shot Spit attack
    P1: Dread Monsters buff each other if they get close
    P2: Tank swap debuff from Bestia
    P2: Bestia buffs Dread Monsters nearby
    P3: Tank swap debuff from Bestia
    P3: Bestia buffs Dread Monsters nearby

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Huge DPS check, you cannot have more than 3 Dread Monsters up before Bestia activates and more than 1 Dread Monster up after Bestia activates at the 2 minutes mark

    Healing check as the Dread Monsters hit hard. Healing needed is inversely proportional with your raid’s DPS.

    Dread Monsters now throw the tank so tanks need to position themselves accordingly to avoid getting thrown into a pool or having the Dread Monster running around and cleaving the raid.

    Dread Monsters spawn every 30s pre-Bestia and every 45s after Bestia activates.

    Pre-Bestia have one tank tanking two Monsters, the other one tank one monster and AoE taunt the larvas. One DPS is focused on killing the tentacles as soon as they spawn while the rest focus on Dread Monsters.

    After Bestia activates we have one tank grabbing Bestia while the other grabbing lone Dread Monster. One DPS is focused on DPSing the boss while the rest focus on Dread Monster with the same DPS peeling off to kill the tentacles.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 2 - Dread Master Tyrans

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Thundering Blast: A frontal blast that hits players for 20-25k damage. Turn boss away from raid.
    Simplification: Three successive circles will be placed on the main tank (tank swap) and two random raid members. This circle gradually get smaller and destroy the tile the player was standing on.
    Inferno: A red debuff placed on a random raid member after Simplification. When this debuff ends a red fire is placed on the player’s location.
    Affliction: A green DoT placed on 2 random raid members which can be cleansed and ticks for 5.5k dmg every 3 seconds.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Simplification: Hits 4 targets
    Inferno: Drops under 3/4 raid members
    Affliction: DoT from Tyrans cannot be cleansed

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    You have way less platforms to work with so you will need to strategize on which platforms to remove. Melee/tank tend to get the outer ring of platforms while ranged move on the inner platforms.

    When you get Simplification now, you need to drop down to remove a ticking debuff by clicking on the pylon below. Failure to do so in a timely manner is an instant death.

    Inferno now lands on every member of the raid. Raid need to stack together and drop Inferno in the same spot to maximize the amount of usable space.

    Having 2 heals with a 3rd person being a healer/dps hybrid would help in times when both healers get simplification.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 3 - Dread Master Calphayus [puzzle boss]

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    P1: 100% to 80%
    P1: Distorted Perceptions – massive red circle under a random player. The targeted player will receive a ticking DoT that hits for ~3k damage per second and have their movement slow.
    P2: 80% - Calphayus will go immune and open up two portals. The blue one is the portal to the past and the orange one is the portal to the future. The raid will need to split into two, with one team going into the past and the other going into the future.
    P2: [Future Team] - Your #1 priority is to kill off the Defiler adds before they can get their cast off (15s cast). You cannot kill off Calphayus in there but if you get him to 20%, he will become immune to damage and stop attacking the group.
    P2: [Future Team] - Your goal here is to find the Dark Growth. It can spawn in one of five spots.

    P2: [Past Team] - Go into the back of the room and protect that Seed of Knowledge from waves of adds while holding off the boss. You can heal the Seed of Knowledge if it takes damage.
    P2: [Past Team] - You need to keep the seed alive for 75 seconds, until it finishes the Pure Seed channel.
    P2: [Past Team] - Once the Future Team has located the Dark Growth a glowing sphere will appear at the corresponding location in the Past.
    P2: [Past Team] - Once the seed has finished channeling, , pick it up and plant it at the location indicated by the glowing sphere.
    P3: 80 to 50%
    P3: Distorted Perceptions – massive red circle under a random player. The targeted player will receive a ticking DoT that hits for ~3k damage per second and have their movement slow.
    P4: 50% - Calphayus will go immune and open up two portals. The teams from P2 can go through the same portal as they did previously.
    P4: [Future Team] - Keep damaging Calphayus until he leaps to one of the four fountains and smashes one of the crystals.
    P4: [Past Team] - Locate the glowing sphere which indicates which crystal was smashed in the Future.
    P4: Repeat those two steps until the phase completes.
    P5: 50 to 20%
    P5: Distorted Perceptions – massive red circle under a random player. The targeted player will receive a ticking DoT that hits for ~3k damage per second and have their movement slow.
    P6: 20% - Calphayus will go immune and open up two portals.
    P6: Healer & Tank need to go into the Past portal.
    P6: Remaining raid members need to go into the Future portal.
    P6: [Past Team] - The tank/DPS will find a Seed of Knowledge pyramid object at back of the Past room behind the throne. They will need to carry it back to the entrance and exit the portal. They will continue to take damage while carrying this Seed of Knowledge and their movement speed will be slowed. Do not use any stun breaker or anything that enhance your movement speed as doing so will cause the Seed to disappear.
    P6: [Past Team] - Once the Seed carrier has exited the portal, they will need to deposit it on the altar on one side of the throne. This will place a yellow circle on the same location inside the Future room.
    P6: [Past Team] - There are two seeds in the Past portal room but the same person cannot carry the second seed again.
    P6: [Future Team] - Tanks need to make sure to taunt Calphayus even when he is immune as he might bug out and reset.
    P6: [Future Team] - Calphayus cannot be damaged until the Seed carrier from the Past Team has placed the Seed on the altar. He will be able to attack you so you will need to heal the tanks.
    P6: [Future Team] - Once the Seed has been placed, a yellow circle will appear in the same side of the throne that the Seed was placed. Drag Calphayus into this yellow circle while staying out of it yourself and the yellow circle will knock Calphayus down, allowing you to damage to him for around 10 seconds.
    P6: [Future Team] - There are unlimited Seeds of Knowledge available so you have about 10 seconds each time to damage him.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    P1 / P3 / P5: Inevitability - massive frontal knockback and applies a debuff that will kill you instantly if you take any damage from Calphayus. This is a tank swapping mechanic as the other tank has to taunt immediately after this cast go off to prevent Calphayus from going after the other tank. Be sure to turn Calphayus away from rest of raid to prevent them from getting this debuff.
    P2: There is no glowing sphere showing where the past team need to plant the Seed of Knowledge. Communication from the future team is needed.
    P4: Players cannot enter the same portals as in phase 2 as there is a debuff and there are no glowing spheres pointing out the 3 crystals that the past team need to destroy so they need communication from the future team.
    P6: [Future Team] - There are only two Seeds of Knowledge available so you have about 20 seconds in total to kill him. If you fail to kill him within the time limit, the encounter will fail.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Distorted Perceptions (red circle) now hits much harder and root you in place. Use defensive cooldowns and one healer needs to focus heal.

    You have less time (5 seconds) to run to the portals before they lock you out, so everyone needs to be assigned positions.

    No big differences in the first portal phase. Left side crystal needs to be cleansed and right side need to kill the add that is casting Mass Affliction quickly.

    For the second portal phase, there is a purple circle you need to avoid on both sides and right side have a DPS check to kill a black orb before it reaches Calphayus.

    There is now a Guardian of Knowledge guarding the pedestals where you need to place the crystal. He respawns quickly so get him low and kill him right before you place the crystal.

    Inside the left portal where you need to retrieve the crystal, abilities like roll, force speed, leap etc no longer works. There is an add that spawns that needs to be killed quickly as it roots you.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 4 - Dread Master Raptus

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Deadly Slash: A 2s cast cleave attack followed with a knockback. Make sure he is turned away from the raid and run through him to avoid the knockback.
    Rising Slash: This attack will knock the current tank way up into the air and forces a tank swap. Make sure the tanks are not tanking the boss by the edge of the platform as they could potentially fall off the platform and die.
    Force Execution: This attack doesn’t happen often but it is basically a huge beam attack with a circle centered on Raptus. This ability has a 3s cast so tanks should have enough time to get out.
    Swirling Circle: Whoever gets this swirling circle will need to move away from the raid. This circle will teleport everyone in it to the back of the platform onto a bridge. This bridge is filled with gaps but it is fairly easy to navigate. Players who get teleported will need to run back to the fight.

    Curses: Immediately after getting teleported to the big platform, Raptus will become immune and players will need to run up to the stage that he is standing and grab their curses. You will need these curses in order to enter the challenges.
    > Shrine of the Incompetent (Green) – Healing power increased. Maximum health decreased. This shrine is designed for Healers.
    > Shine of the Coward (Purple) – Armor increased. Threat generation decreased. This shrine is designed for Tanks.
    > Shrine of the Weakling (Orange) – Tech and Force Power increased. Armor decreased. This shrine is designed for DPS.

    Challenges: At around 75% and 50%, shortly after everyone have grabbed their curses, Raptus will directly challenge a player (usually a DPS) and then open up three of the six portals on the edges of the circular platform. You have exactly 1 minute to complete all three challenges but if you do them fast you can complete all three within 30s. It might be helpful to have tanks go into their challenge first while DPS/healers wait a few seconds. This allow them to get out first and grab Raptus right away. The player being directly challenged need to kite Raptus around while he performs the Spinning Attack (one shot if you let him hit you with it). While Spinning Attack is active Raptus is immune to all damage so the player being challenged should just kite him and survive.

    > Tank Challenge - Survive pulsating AoE damage from a single enemy.
    > Healer Challenge - Need to keep a dying captive alive while a DoT is ticking his HP away.
    > DPS Challenge - Kill a single enemy and make sure to interrupt Health of the Void when the mob casts it at 25%.

    Failing a challenge isn’t the end of the world but each failed challenge will grant a buff to Raptus (i.e. failing the healing challenge and the tank challenge will grant two separate buffs to Raptus). There are two rounds of challenges and if you failed too many of them then you will have a very rough time killing Raptus. After you finish both set of the challenges, rest of the fight is pretty much killing him while avoiding his knockbacks and especially his Force Execution attack. Make sure you grab the curses as they can help you even if they are not required anymore for challenges.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Force Execution attack has a red circle in the middle that insta-kills.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Force Execution now occurs much more frequently throughout the fight instead of just near the end. There is one right at the start so melee DPS need to beware.

    Healing and DPS challenges are much more challenging. Operatives heals shine here due to their double cleanses which can remove the healing debuffs.

    Around 40% and below, Raptus now performs a Spinning Attack phase where he will chase random raid members. Anyone who gets hit will most likely die.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 5 - The Dread Masters (Dread Council)

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    P1: 100 to 50%
    P1: Bestia will become active first, followed by Calphayus, Raptus and finally Tyrans. They each have their own separate abilities and the raid will need to split up to deal with them.
    P1: Bestia - Tanks will need to be on her and tank swap whenever they get 3-4 stacks of her debuff.
    P1: Calphayus – The offtank will need to be on him when after the swap from Bestia and a melee DPS should be chasing him around.
    P1: Raptus – a high mobility ranged DPS should be kiting him (a DoT spec’ed class is the best).
    P1: Tyrans – Doesn’t need to be tanked or kited. Stick 2 ranged DPS on him that swap to Bestia when Tyrans reaches ~55%.
    P1: [Bestia]- Force Push attack that will throw you across the room – stand in the very middle of the room or face yourself such that you will get pushed to the middle of the room.
    P1: [Bestia]- Places a stacking debuff on the tanks that requires tank swap as it allows Bestia to deal more damage and potentially one shot the tanks at high stacks.
    P1: [Bestia]- Corruption aura around her that buffs any other Dread Master standing next to her (increases their damage done and reduces their damage taken).
    P1: [Calphayus] - Has a shield around himself that reflects all damage coming outside the shield. Melee DPS is the best candidate for this.
    P1: [Calphayus] - Regularly drops orange circles on the ground. Any player standing in it will have their healing received reduced and any Dread Master standing in it will take reduced damage.
    P1: [Raptus] - Deadly Slash attack with frontal knockback (purple telegraph on the ground). Either run out of it or run into him to avoid the knockback.
    P1: [Raptus] - Whirlwind attack where he will spin and chase a player. Stay outside the red circle or you will take massive damage.
    P1: [Tyrans] - Thundering Blast, a blast that will hit anyone in the path of the blast. Hits for ~10k damage as long he doesn’t get buffed by Bestia.
    P1: [Tyrans] - Pulls random players to him, this is more of an annoying for people kiting Calphayus or tanking Bestia as the pull can screw up their pathing.
    P1: [Tyrans] - Periodically casts out 1 Death Marks on the raid. Each Death Mark has a different icon and different duration. If the Death Mark is allowed to expire on the player, it will instantly one shot them. I have labeled the 4 marks here with ranking based on their duration (1 is the shortest). Anyone with a cleanse can remove them, including agent/smuggler’s Evasion skill. This leaves just tanks/melee DPS without cleanse and healers should prioritize them first.

    Activating Phase 2: Phase 2 will trigger if all four Dread Masters get to 50% HP within 40s of each other. When the first one reaches 50%, that Dread Master will return to his/her throne and start channeling Siphon Energy. It is a 40s channel and at end of the channel they heal up. What this means is that you need to push every Dread Master to ~55% and then together as a raid, starting pushing them one at a time to 50%. Once the first one returns to the throne, you have <40s to push the other 3 to 50%.

    P2: The ghost forms of Styrak and Brontes will return.
    P2: One player will need to head to Brontes throne, go through the portal, and interact with the crystal on top of her throne to remove her Supremacy buff, which will prevent her from becoming immune to damage at low health. Brontes throne is to the left of the entrance if you are facing the entrance.
    P2: One of the tanks will need to go and do the same for Styrak. Styrak is taunt immune but getting this crystal the the subsequent buff seems to make him sticking on the tank with the buff. Styrak’s throne is to the right of the entrance if you are facing it.
    P2: Drag Styrak and Brontes together so DPS can AoE both them of at the same time. There is a timer for getting this phase as each of the 4 other Dread Masters have a buff called Weakened. When this buff expires, they will jump down and enter the fight. If this happens and Brontes and/or Styrak still remains alive then you are going to have a very bad time.
    P2: Styrak needs to die fast as he gains a stacking buff that increases his damage output. After Styrak is dead, get Brontes to 20% and stay away from the entrance. Brontes will cast her Overcharged Beam attack which will always point first at the entrance. This beam will one shot players if they get hit by it.

    P3: Phase 3 is much like Phase 1 except there is no tank swapping on Bestia since she doesn’t put the stacking debuff on tanks anymore.
    P3: Two DPS should head to Tyrans and Raptus’s throne and grab their crystals. The buff they receive seems to allow the specific bosses to stick on them.
    P3: Tanks can grab the crystals from Bestia and Calphayus to prevent their abilities from autocrit, dealing more damage than necessary.
    P3: Calphayus’s DPS players will switch to Tyrans, Tyran’s DPS will switch to Bestia and Raptus DPS remains the same.
    P3: Calphayus seems to cast Dark Empowerment if you bring him to 30% HP or below and this wipes the raid if he finishes casting it. Even if you push to phase 4, he will keep casting this ability.
    P3: Bring Bestia to ~20-25% and then get everyone else except for Calphayrus to around the same % (Calphayrus should remain above 30%).
    P3: DPS one of the Dread Masters (we picked Tyrans) to 15% and this will trigger phase 4.

    P4: This is a soft enrage phase where all four Dread Masters will gather around the holocron and do perioidic damage that increases with time as their buff stacks get higher.
    P4: Every Dread Master should be fairly low in HP except for Calphayrus which you should kill last.
    P4: Focus your DPS on one Dread Master at a time.
    P4: For healers, if the healing becomes a bit hard to keep up, focus on keeping the DPS alive as the tanks are not tanking anything in this phase.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode:
    P1: Tyrans only sends out 4 Death Marks.
    P1: You need to syncronise the DPS burns on the Dread Masters to keep their health drops near the same percentages.
    P4: The AoE ticks for harder and harder as there is a stacking debuff.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    All of the bosses come down at the same time when you begin the fight (in HM they appear one after another).

    Be aware of Tyran's position at all costs, when tanking bestia. Because if Bestia gets close to Tyrans, he gets buffed with increased damage and can potentially kill a player, if not 100% healed.

    Raptus kiting is substantially harder, because his kick void cast is 1.5s long so the kiter needs to jump to force update of their position, so the game doesn't randomly kick them, even though visually they were out of the void.

    All bosses should be pushed to about 51% at the same time. When that happens, you start to burn Tyrans and Raptus at the same time, since the time it takes for them to come down is 20s. After that you take down calphayus, he has 10s to come down, and lastly bestia, she takes 5 seconds to get down from her throne.

    The 2nd phase is the one which decides the boss fight. You need alot of dps there to kill styrak and brontes in time.

    The group should focus on Styrak, once killed the apparition of Styrak will come in the middle, just like in S&V, kill the middle apparition before the adds manage to get to center.

    The tank who went to Styraks throne immediately goes to the throne of brontes, if not she will get the fire and forget mechanic from Dread Fortress.

    The rest of the DPS burn Brontes. At 45% mark she will start to spawn the Fingers of Brontes which cast the lightning in between them, one shotting anyone who is caught in between. That is the hardest part of the fight, since the outcome depends on the whole group surviving through that phase.

    The player who is kiting Raptus should go up to take the Raptus throne crystal.

    It can be useful to have a melee dps taking the crystal from Tyrans, so the group damage is avoided (this is a must since every boss deals increased damage and Tyrans can hit multiple players, if attacking in the direction of group) and the melee is tanking him away from the group.

    Nobody except the tanks attack Calphayus, if pushed under 35% its an instant wipe.

    The rest of the DPS go on Bestia/Raptus/Tyrans as needed until all 3 of them are at 17% mark. At that point push Tyrans and Raptus to 16% and then focus down Tyrans.

    The end phase begins, and it is not heal intensive anymore, since the NiM buff is removed, and is the easiest of all phases. Just kill Tyrans, then Raptus, then Bestia and then Calphayus. Use your shields, medpacks and everything else to mitigate as much damage as possible and keep dpsers alive, tanks DO NOT matter in this phase at all, only for their dps.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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