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    Default Dread Fortress [SM / HM / NiM]

    This is a level 55 operation and has 5 boss encounters.

    Suggested Average Gear Rating:
    Story Mode = 156
    Hard Mode = 168
    Nightmare Mode = 180

    The second boss encounter (Draxus) is the puzzle boss for this raid.

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    Boss 1 - Nefra

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Twin Attack: A massive Cleave strike that needs to be split among two raid members..
    Voice of the Masters: DoT attack that will apply to random raid members and tick for 20 seconds. Can be cleansed.
    Overloaded Assault Droid: Add that spawns and will run to a random Raid member and then channel a AOE Explosion that will kill anyone inside it.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Voice of the Masters: This DoT will now hit for 2k a second and must be cleansed.
    Hard Mode: Overall Damage output increase.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Tank swap before a stacking debuff on offtank (Nefra’s Curse) get to 5 stacks
    Once Nefra gains 15 stacks of Nightmare Twin Attack, 6-8 players need to stand in front of him to split the damage.
    DoT from Nefra ticks very hard, needs to be cleansed quickly or have DPS that can self-cleanse
    Exploding droids now jump to their target instead of running to them, so you have less time to react.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 2 - Gate Commander Draxus [puzzle boss]

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Draxus: Comes with a conal attack called sweeping fire and will randomly target a raid member and hit them with a corrosive grenade that will apply a DOT to that person and anyone within melee range of them. Boss will leap up and leave the fight 3 times based on roughly 20% health intervals.
    Subteroth: Adds that explode upon defeat and do AOE damage to anyone around them.
    Dispatcher: Adds that randomly target members and channel force lightning. At the end of each channel there is a threat drop and a new target is picked.
    Corruptor: Channel a Mass Affliction dot that will hit the entire raid. Can be cleansed and can be interrupted.
    Dismantler: Comes with a attack called Strong Swipe that will knock it’s target back and then leap to him doing a follow up strike that hits pretty hard.
    Bulwark: These adds channel a shield protecting the NPC’s under it. You cannot damage anything inside the shield unless you are under the shield yourself.
    Despoiler: This add will channel and heal all enemy NPC’s. Can be CC’d and Interrupted.
    Guardian: These adds have 3 main attacks they cycle through. Slam, which is a frontal cleave marked by purple. Thundering Blast, which is another conal not marked. Ravage, which is a threat drop that causes him to leap to a random raid member and channel ravage. This NPC can be interrupted.
    Waves: The fight is broken up into 9 waves of adds with 3 waves bringing Draxus back. Waves end and transition when the final add of the wave is killed. Killing the boss or letting him live has no effect on the waves.


    On storymode, the crystals only need to be clicked once as they are destroyed and permanently activated after you have interacted with them. This makes the puzzle extremely trivial since one player can activate a number of crystals at once.

    Split the raid into two teams (a) Tank / Healer / DPS / DPS (b) Tank / Healer / DPS / DPS.
    (a) Tank = 1 / Healer = 2 / DPS = 3 / DPS = 4
    (b) Tank = 7 / Healer = 5 / DPS = 6 / DPS = 8

    Players 1256 click their crystals all at the same time (that is 2 purple crystals, 1 blue crystal and 1 green crystal). This will open the gates on both sides for players 3478 to pass through. (3 &4 go through one gate, 7 &8 go through the other gate).

    Once players 3478 clear through their mobs, they will be able to click on the two crystals on either side. Once 3478 have clicked the crystals at the same time, the big middle south gate will open, allowing players 1256 to pass through. You will see this message on your screen: The South Gate Has been Opened.

    Behind the South Gate is an elite (Qor’Thest the Guardian with ~180k HP). Each person that pass through the gate will display a red message on your screen (Player has passed through the South Gate). Behind the elite is a group of four strongs with lots of AoE attacks so 2 healers here will help a lot. After killing the strongs, wait for the east and west inner gates to be opened by players 3478.

    Once players 1256 passed through the south gate, players 3478 can move up to the double gates. The next part isn’t synchronized on two sides so all four players do not need to click at the same time. Players 37 will need to click on the crystal on the outside of the double gates, allowing players 48 to pass through the first gate. Players 48 will need to click on the crystal between the double gates, allowing players 37 to move beyond the double gates. Players 37 clicking will also open up the West Inner Gate and East Inner gate respectively. (Displayed on screen as West Inner Gate has been opened and East Inner Gate has been opened).

    Players 48 trapped inside the double gates can click on their crystal while standing right next to the outer gate. Since their crystal open the outer gate as well, they can slip through the outer gate before the gate has a chance to shut. If this shortcut works, player 48 can head to west and east gate access tunnel respectively and wait for them to be opened. Only use this shortcut after you know players 1256 have pass through the West and East Inner gates.

    Once the West and East Inner Gates have being opened, players 1256 will need to split again and go through their gates (12 go through West Inner Gate, 56 go through East Inner Gate). They will need to turn a corner and find two crystals. Before clicking them, wait for players 3/7 to arrive at their crystals (they are on a different floor). All three players (123 on west side, 567 on east side) will need to click at the same time to open up West and East Gate respectively. (Displayed on screen as Access to the West Gate has been opened/East Gate has been opened).

    If players 48 used their shortcuts, they can now pass through the Access to West/East access tunnel (displayed on screen as Player has passed through the West/East Gate Access Tunnel) and players 37 can meet them up. All four players need to click the four crystals by two big gates at the same time and they will see a message The Gatehouse has been cleared.

    If the shortcut is not functional or not used, then Player 7 will need to come to the West gate access tunnel (make sure players 123 are still there holding it open), pass through it and then click on the crystal right outside the western double gates to bail player 4 out. Player 4 will then need to return the favor by doing the same for player 8 (player 7 will need to go back and hold the East gate access tunnel with players 56).

    Wave Composition:

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Draxus: Draxus now has a Threat drop and during the 9th wave he will have a shield that lasts 30 seconds making him immune to damage.
    Dismantler: Strong Swipe now places a Debuff on its target increasing damage received by 1000%
    Guardians: Can no longer be interrupted.
    Enrage: You have less time to make it through all 9 waves before enrage.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Subteroths now apply a debuff when exploding that cause players hit by it to take 200% more damage. Tanks cannot survive more than 2-3 of these explosions. Juggernaut/Assassins tanks and their Republic equivalent have special abilities that allow them to survive this such as Saber Reflect and Force Shroud.

    Interrupting Corruptors now cause you to take a debuff called Backlash, preventing you from interrupting them again (you die instantly if you try to interrupt again). Therefore an interrupt rotation needs to be planned out before the fight starts so everyone knows the rotation and no interrupts gets missed.

    Bulwarks now apply a debuff to anyone under their shields that prevent them from getting healed (healers cannot heal them even if they are under the same shield) Players need to pay attention to their HP and run out of their shields for heals before their HP gets too low. Sorc/sage bubbles still work if casted outside the shield and can absorb some damage.

    Guardian of Fortress Slam (i.e. purple attacks) deals huge amount of damage and likely one shot any non-tanks inside it.

    Draxus immune to damage in the final phrase until all the adds are killed.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 3 - Grob'Thok

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Roar: Conal Attack that will damage anyone in the cone and knocks back Adds.
    Overhead Smash: Raid wide damage that will knock players in the air and interrupt any channels.
    Pipe Smash: Continuous Raid Wide damage. Can only be stopped by the magnetic lift.
    Mining Droid: A random Raid Member will be targeted by a mining droid and will have lava placed at their feet that damage anyone that stands in it.
    Ugnaughts: Low HP Adds that spawn in continuous intervals and attack the raid. Can be killed with the lava.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Pipe Smash: Does more damage, will interrupt channels, and causes the boss to take less damage.
    Magnetic Lift: The lift moves quicker and will randomly spawn in either of the two spawn points.
    Enrage: Boss has a fairly tight enrage timer. Any DPS loss to the adds can cause you to hit the enrage timer.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Magnet now kills you if you get caught under it.

    Two players get affected by the mining laser, which allow you to drop more lava that are used for the Ugnaughts.

    Dreadful Ugnaughts hit super hard and have an immune shield around them that is only removed by running them over the lava spit out by the mining laser. They must be kited by the offtank or crowd controlled when they have immune shield up. Make sure to guard the healers during this fight.

    Grob’thok’s Roar attack now causes does a knockback to anyone caught in it and force a tank swap.

    Pipe Smash now deals massive damage. The second consecutive Pipe Smash will cause any remaining Dreadful Ugnaughts to explode and most raids won’t survive past the third consecutive Pipe Smash. Pipe Smash comes about after every 3 Roars so tanks can prepare for it ahead of time.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 4 - Corruptor Zero

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Droid Adds: One of them will target a random raid member and put down a red circle with Missile Salvo.
    Melee Mode: Massive Slam – a PBAOE that deals around 4k damage.
    Melee Mode: Heavy Slash – Channeled attack on tank that does a ton of damage. Healers/tanks need to be ready for this. Leaves a Bleed at the end (Physical) that can be cleansed by operatives/scoundrels and commandos/mercs.
    Ranged Mode: Anti-Gravity Field – red circle casted on tank that lifts them and cause aggro drop if not avoided.
    Ranged Mode: Chest Laser – Channeled attack w/ DoT that should be cleansed (tech)
    Ranged Mode: Missile Barrage – raidwide AoE centered on each person, spread out to lessen damage.
    Unified Beam – Laser attack past 20%, anyone caught in the path of the beam "could" be insta-killed. Adds at this point become melee.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Tank Swap: Tank receives a stacking debuff from boss that forces them to tank swap at 4-6 stacks.
    Concussion Mine: cast on a random raid member (has a cast bar). Whoever gets this stacking debuff will do AoE damage to themselves and rest of the raid. They will need to run to the boss and damage him with this ability to get it removed.
    Unified Beam – Laser attack past 20%, anyone caught in the path of the beam will be insta-killed. Adds at this point become melee.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Adds are immune to Crowd control effects

    Three extra Unified beams (one right when he jumps down, one after 70%, one after 35%)

    Throws out two Concussion mines on two different players at the same time which you cannot remove at the same time or the raid wipes. The player with the mine receives a debuff with the mine which can be only removed when you run into Corruptor Zero to remove the mine.If two players with the debuff are next to each other, the whole raid wipes.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 5 - Dread Master Brontes

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    P1: Fingers of Brontes should be killed by DPS immediately
    P1: The Left and Right Hand of Brontes will need to be turned away from the raid as they have a nasty conal slam attack that can wipe the raid

    Transition: Reach of Brontes will spawn at the feet of random players and start beaming together. Anyone caught inside the beam will die instantly. Those who are too close to the Reach of Brontes will take massive AoE damage unless they move away. Four pairs will spawn one after the other

    P2: Arcing Assault cleave. This attack come in two versions, a 1s cast and a 4s channel that usually casted back to back. The 1s cast isn’t too worrisome but the 4s channel will place 4 stacks of debuff on the tank, which increases their damage taken from Brontes and forces a tank swap. Make sure to turn Brontes away from the raid as well or the entire raid will get cleaved and debuffed by Arcing Assault.
    P2: Corrupted Clone’s Laser Blaster and nanites. Clones of Kephess will also spawn during this phase and they will need to be tanked by the offtank. Much like Kephess in Terror from Beyond, the clone has a conal attack called Laser Blast and will need to be faced away from the raid. In addition to the Laser Blast attack, the clone will throw out two Corrupted Nanites on random raid members which can be cleansed.

    Transition [50%]: Clean up the Clones and Energy Spheres as much as you can as they can make this transition difficult. Do not stand in the direction that Brontes is facing when this transition starts (she always faces the same direction) or you will die right away when her beam comes up.
    Transition [50%]: Brontes’s beam will start in a clockwise fashion and if her beam touches any of the Unshielded D-09 Droids, there will be a massive explosion that wipes out your raid. Your goal is to kill the droids before her beam gets there.This is a DPS race for the most part.
    Transition [50%]: Once her beam completes a full revolution around the room, this transition ends. Healers will need to be prepared and top everyone off/bubble everyone as the next phase is very intensive for healing.

    P3: At start of Phase 3, there will be 6 Fingers of Brontes in the middle and two Hands of Brontes on the side. It is tank’s job to grab the Hands of Brontes while everyone else grab one Finger of Brontes and stand next to it. (It helps if you pre-assign everyone to a finger). You want a healer on either side so they can be in range of the tanks holding Hands of Brontes.
    P3: Spike of Pain is a purple circle place under random player. It deals ~10-12k damage if you do not move out of it. With how heretic this phase, some purple circles may go unnoticed and they can kill off players who are low on HP.
    P3: Fingers of Brontes: Everyone need to focus on one Finger at a time as these fingers will start casting Focused Beams that deals massive damage if they are not killed quick enough. You cannot move away from the Fingers as they will start shooting someone else instead so you want to kill melee DPS’s fingers, then healer’s, and then finally ranged DPS. This order free up the melee DPS right away so they can help with other fingers and allow healers to focus on healing.
    P3: Hands of Brontes: Tanks will need to kite Hands of Brontes’s slam to kill Energy Spheres that are trying to reach rest of the raid while rest of the raid is killing their fingers. The spheres will come from two corners of the room but which corner they spawn from is purely random. Once all the Fingers are dead, focus DPS on the Hands evenly.

    P4: Manifest Supremacy is her stacking debuff, which increases the damage you take from Brontes but is also a DoT that ticks harder with more stacks. It appears to tick every 5 seconds and when you get to ~20 stacks it can deal close to 10k damage per tick.
    P4: Purple circles will spawn on top of random players. Don't stand in stupid.
    P4: Fire and Forget – selects a random raid member and punt them away like Styrak in S&V last phase. Tanks need to taunt Brontes back immediately after she punts someone or they will be killed. Ideally everyone should have their back to a wall but the purple circles make it a bit hard to stack up.
    P4: Once the hands are dead, pull Brontes to a wall and tank her there. Your goal here is to kill Brontes before her stacking debuff becomes too much to handle.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    P1 - Debuff from the left/right hands of Brontes that will force a tank swap
    P2 - Brontes’s Arcing Assault will cleave and leave behind a tank swapping debuff
    P2 - Corrupted Clones throw out two Corrupted Nanites
    P2: Energy Spheres (run into them at 15-19 stacks). These Energy Spheres are attached to one random player in the raid (usually a DPS). Whoever is targeted by the Energy Sphere need to run into it to explode it but you do not want to do this until the Energy Sphere has at least 15+ stacks (but under 20) of a buff.
    P3 - Fingers Of Brontes debuff that increases your damage intake if you don’t kill them fast enough.
    P3 - Energy Spheres
    P4: Both hands will spawn again with their low HP on two diagonal corners of the room. Getting each Hand to 5% spawns a shield around them, which cleanses the stacking debuff you get from Brontes. You can fight Brontes until you get 10 stacks of her debuff, then run and damage a Hand to 5% to spawn the shield. Repeat this again for the other hand when you get another 10 stacks.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    P1: Energy spheres added for this phase, also two Finger of Brontes spawn instead of just one.

    P1->P2 transition: This transition phase is a bit extended as about 6-7 pairs of Reach of Brontes spawn than just 4 in hardmode. Also everyone will be slowed but you can break out of it for a few seconds by using your stun breaker or class specific abilities such as Force Speed etc to avoid death from the beams. Your incoming heal is reduced significantly while in this transition.

    P2: Energy Spheres continue in this phase. Also Kephess clone will also jump on a random player, dealing large amount of damage to the player and anyone caught inside the red circle (similar mechanic to Kephess in TFB).
    50% transition: The beam from Brontes now can swing either clockwise or counterclockwise (randomized) so you need to prepare for both scenarios.

    P3: The six Fingers of Brontes now perform a knockback and you cannot go back to the same Finger after the knockback. You will need to perform some sort of rotation (see Detailed Mechanics)

    P4: Energy Spheres were added to this phase and tanks will need to use the two Hands of Brontes to squash the Energy Spheres as they come out. Tons of outgoing damage and very difficult phase.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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