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    Default Terror From Beyond [SM / HM / NiM]

    This is a level 55 operation and has 5 boss encounters.

    Suggested Average Gear Rating:
    Story Mode = 156
    Hard Mode = 162
    Nightmare Mode = 168

    The third boss encounter (Operator IX) is the puzzle boss for this raid.

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    Boss 1 - The Writhing Horror

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Burrowing: Boss will burrow underground and emerge in a new location. Burrowing follows a fixed pattern in the room.
    Angry Spittle: Boss will Spit at entire raid if Tank is outside of melee range.
    Incubation: The boss will place a stacking debuff on whoever has agro. At 10 stacks the target will explode.
    Jealous Male/Foul Offspring: Jealous Male add will spawn. Jealous male has a knockback, hits hard, will clear the incubation debuff causing Foul Offspring to spawn. The amount of offspring is dependent on how many stacks of incubation the target has. Foul Offspring cannot be tanked.
    Red Pheromones: Red circles will spawn at random points on the room around the flowers. Only one person may enter the red circle to gain the pheromones. This will pacify the Foul Offspring and attract them to that person within the circle. If anyone extra enters the circle or the person in the circle leaves it they will get a stale pheromone debuff making them no longer effective for pacifying the Offspring.
    Corrosive Slime: a DOT that will be flung at random raid members that can be cleansed. This DOT hits hard.
    Enrage Timer: Approximately 6 minutes

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Corrosive Slime: When the DOT is now cleansed it will leave behind a yellow circle that will damage anyone standing in it.
    Twisted Spawn: Adds that will spawn at around 15% boss health.
    Enrage Timer: Around 5:45

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Angry Spittle: Large Damage Increase
    Corrosive Slime: Large Damage Increase, more frequently occurs.
    Burrowing: Boss will burrow to random locations, no longer following a set pattern.
    Enrage Timer: 5 Minutes

    Story Mode / Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Boss 2 - The Dread Guards (Ciphas, Heirad, Kel'sara)

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Kill Order: Heirad->Ciphas->Kel’sara
    Heirad: Taunt immunity. Damage taken heals Kel’sara
    Surging Chains: Damage immunity to Heirad from Ciphas
    Ciphas: Damage dealt to Ciphas increases damage output of Heirad. Ciphas comes with a cleave too.
    Tank Swap: Kel’sara will be placing a stacking debuff on the tanks. Swap at 5 stacks is recommended.
    Green Circles: After Heirad dies green circles will appear at players feet that cleanse doomed players. Avoid them unless doomed.
    Doom: After Heirad is defeated Ciphas will begin placing a Doom debuff on a random player. This will kill the affected player at the end of it’s timer. Requires a player to run through 2 green circles to cleanse it off.
    Deathmark: After Ciphas is defeated Kel’sara will mark a player for death and begin chasing that player (signified by a green line from Kel’sara to the player). If she reaches her target it is a instant death.
    Withering Terror: A DOT that cannot be cleansed and must be healed through. Minor damage. Only shows up after Ciphas has been defeated.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Lightening Field: Heirad will channel a ability that will do raid wide damage. This damage is increased if people are too close to each other.
    Strangle: During Phase 2 Ciphas will jump and strangle a random raid member. Can be interrupted
    Doom: Doom will now require 3 green circles to cleanse it.
    Force Leach: During Phase 3 Kel’sara will cast this and place a debuff on the tank. Any heal that tank receives will do massive damage instead and Kel’sara will be healed.
    Dread Guard Legionaries: Adds in Phase 3 that will need to be killed ASAP. One will cast mass affliction raid wide DOT.
    Tank Swap Ciphas will also be placing a stacking debuff on the tank that has agro to him. In phase 3 Kel'sara no longer places a debuff but the tank swap is replaced with force leach
    Enrage: 6:45

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Lightning Field: Damage is increased and now will slow your movement
    Surging Chains: Attacking Heirad during surging chains will now reflect the damage back.
    Doom: Now requires 6 green circles to cleanse. Make sure NO green circles are wasted.
    Strangle: Ciphas’s choke does significant more damage and will most likely kill anyone under 50% health. Interrupt ASAP.
    Red Circles: These are new to phase 3 and act like the green circles but damage anyone that runs into them by placing a heavy hitting DOT on them. DOT can be cleansed by running into any left over green circles from phase 2.
    Enrage Timer: 7:20

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
    Go to 14:50 for this fight.
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    Boss 3 - Operator IX [puzzle boss]

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Color Assignment: Before entering players will have to pick colors from the terminals. Blue - DPS & Healer, Orange – DPS & Tank, Purple – DPS & Healer, Yellow – DPS & Tank.
    Data Cores: Will be shielded NPC targets around the room that must be killed to expose the boss. Will require the colored group members for particular Phase to bring down. Only two will become unshielded at a time and will be opposite to each other in the room.
    Color Phases: The color phases to bring down the cores will last 70 seconds each and be in this order – Blue->Orange->Purple->Yellow. One member of the particular color phase will have to stand in the middle of the room while the other of the same color will have to find and channel the correct lit up terminal on one of the 4 pillars surrounding the middle of the room.
    Recognizer Add: Low HP Silver Add that will spawn in the first 3 color phases and target the members of that color phase trying to channel. These adds are able to be CC’d.
    Regulator Add: Champion NPC with high health that will do a “end of the line” channel that should be interrupted. The ability will knock back it’s target. They also can stun their target randomly. Will only show up in final color phase.
    Rectifier Add: A Champion with High health that comes with a high damage conal attack. This add will only spawn if you fail a color phase. (do not bring down the two cores within the time limit)
    Black Obtuse: When all cores are down and the boss is summoned, he will periodically channel this ability for 10 seconds. This will shield him for the 10 seconds from damage and you will notice small color circles spawn around them. The group members need to run through their color’s circles before the channel ends or it will do massive AOE damage.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Color Phases: Timer on color phases are now Blue – 70, Orange – 60, Purple – 55, Yellow – 50
    Color Spheres: During each color phase two color spheres will float around the room. Upon killing them they will place a Debuff on you that is needed for Phase 2.
    Recognizer Adds: Will now spawn in Blue and Purple phases only
    Regulator Adds: Two will spawn in both Orange and Yellow Phases only
    Disinfection Protocol: At the end of black obtuse the boss will target second highest threat target in group to hit with a large single target attack. Can be taunted.
    Deletion Protocol: Boss will will mark a group member for deletion by a certain color. This will be red text on the screen. Must be protected by the color called out in same red text.
    Adds: Will now spawn in phase 2 periodically. Low impact but should be killed with the boss quickly.
    Black Obtuse: It is now important that only one person per color runs through to clear their circle. If your color partner is dead then you will be able to run through both colors. Do NOT clear anyone elses color.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Dual Core: When one core dies the other will begin a 5
    second channel called White Parallel.
    At the end of the channel it will place a Dual Core
    buff that greatly reduces incoming damage to the core.
    Black Obtuse: Running into ANY color then your own will result in a raid wipe.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
    Go To 27 mins for this fight.
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    Boss 4 - Kephess The Undying

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Tank Swap: In Phase 1, Tank with current agro will begin to glow blue and receive debuffs that will kill the tank. Second Tank will need to taunt.
    Blue Circle: In Phase 1, there will be a blue circle on the ground that must be avoided unless you are the tank that is glowing.
    Focused Laser Blast: In Phase 1, Kephess will target a random raid member and do a conal attack at them that does high damage.
    Phase 1->2 Transition: At around 50% Kephess will leap in the air and land in the middle of the room. Tetris looking pillars will come up from the ground moving outward from the center. Must be avoided.
    Leap: In Phase 2, Kephess will leap in the air leaving a expanding blue circle called Pulse Tremors and a red circle will begin to follow a random raid member. Kephess will land on that member with a Earthquake attack that will do AOE damage to anyone in the red circle.
    Nanites: In Phase 2, Kephess will place corrupted nanites on a random raid members, 1 at a time. This is a DOT that can only be cleansed by the pillars.
    Soft Enrage At less then 10% Kephess will enter a 3rd Phase that serves as a soft enrage. We will begin barraging the raid with orange circles that do massive damage.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Energy Distortions: In Phase 1 Two Energy balls with white circles beneath them will spawn. They will target and attach to the nearest raid member. Only that member will be able to damage it. It will do stacking AOE damage until destroyed.
    Leap: In Phase 2 the Leap no longer has a expanding Blue Circle but Still has the red Circle. This does far greater damage.
    Nanites: In Phase 2 these will come more frequently and do more damage. Channeling the terminals has a reduced channel time.
    Radioactive Barrage: In Phase 2 a raid member will be targeted by this ability. Their name will be flashed on the screen in red text as well as they will have a unique icon above their head much like nanites. A trail of lava looking substance will begin making it’s way toward this raid member and continue to follow them. Does massive damage if stepped in.
    Soft Enrage: The damage in this phase is increased but works the same as in SM.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Yellow Circle: In Phase 1 there will be a yellow circle around a pillar. Kephess must be in this circle and facing the pillar for focused blast for it to fall on him.
    Energy Distortions: In Phase 1 Three energy balls will spawn instead of 2.
    Nanites: In Phase 2 will come in waves, placing them on 3 raid members in each wave. They stack every time a wave occurs. Pillars channel quick.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
    Go To 44 mins for this fight.
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    Boss 5 - The Terror From Beyond

    Mechanics - Story Mode:
    Tunneling Tentacles: In Phase 1 there will be two tentacles that spawn to the left and right of the boss. They come equipped with a Cone Slam attack that does moderate damage.
    Unstable Larva: In Phase 1 Two silver adds will spawn and begin going to the tanks. Once they reach the tanks they will explode and one shot the tank.
    Acid Spit: In Phase 1 The boss will spit at the members furthest from the tentacles. This spit does moderate damage and will do continued damage if you stand in it.
    Birthing Larva: In Phase 1 when the tunneling tentacles fall, several larva adds will exit the boss and move to the water behind you. If they are agitated in any way they will burrow and then emerge at whoever agitated them and explode doing massive damage.
    Grasping Tentacles: In Phase 2 there will be two tentacles at a time grasping two of the platforms. They will lift then slam back down doing damage to anyone on the platform. These can only be damaged from the platform they are on.
    Scream: In Phase 2 the boss will scream at whoever has it’s agro leaving a debuff behind that increased the damage they take.
    Spit: In Phase 2 the boss will spit at whoever has agro leaving behind green spit like in phase 1. The AOE range is the entire platform. Will vanish after time.
    Hypergate Irregularity: After both Grasping tentacles are killed this adds will spawn on several platforms while the boss is channeling. If any are alive still by the time the channel ends then they begin doing raid damage until all are defeated.
    Furious Tantrum: At 16% boss health he will enter a soft enrage where he will randomly target people and attack. Will periodically spit at whoever it is targeting.

    Phase 2 Platform Map:

    Mechanics - Hard Mode:
    Tentacle Enrage: Tunneling Tentacles come with a enrage timer and serve as a DPS check. Enrage is just over a minute but I am unsure the exact timer.
    Hypergate Beacon: In Phase 1 these will spawn near a tentacle when the tunneling tentacles are out. They will target a random person and begin pulling them to it. By the 5th pull it is a instant kill.
    Swirling Orbs: In Phase 1 these will spawn 1 near each tentacle. Running into it will attach it to you and radiate damage to you and the tentacle.
    Hyperspace Anomaly: In Phase 2 one of these will spawn on a outer platform, per grasping tentacle, at 70% health and 25% health on the tentacle. They radiate raid damage and must be killed.
    Scream: In Phase 2 the scream Debuff can only be cleansed now by returning to platform 1.
    Furious Tantrum: In Phase 2 once the final set of grasping tentacles, no matter how low the boss health is, it will reset to 16% for the final burn.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode:
    Enrage: Phase 1 comes with a tight 1 minute enrage on the tentacles and Phase 2 has about a 8:30 enrage. Strong DPS check.
    Hypergate Alacrity: Grasping tentacles gain a stacking buff from every slam reducing it’s cast time by .25 seconds per stack.
    Inconsistency: At 50% the grasping tentacles will create a inconsistency that spawns at a platform and will attach a green beam to the person closest to platform 1. Reduces healing received by 80%, cleansed by going to the platform with the inconsistency on it and running into it.

    Story Mode & Hard Mode

    Nightmare Mode
    Go To 1 hr 11 mins for this fight.
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