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    Default Explosive Conflict [SM / HM / NiM]

    This is a level 50 operation and has 5 boss encounters.

    Suggested Average Gear Rating:
    Story Mode = 136
    Hard Mode = 140
    Nightmare Mode = 150

    The third boss encounter (Colonel Vorgath) is the puzzle boss for this raid. Explosive Conflict was the most difficult raid when 50 was the level cap and even at 55 it was considered to be very challenging.

    Part of that challenge was the potential damage put out by the various bosses but more of it comes from the mechanics of the boss fights combined with the dangerous trash groups you deal with between boss encounters.

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    Boss Encounter 1 - Zorn & Toth

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Close Proximity: If Toth and Zorn are within range of each other they will become empowered doing increased damage and begin spamming an AOE attack that will impact ANYONE within 30 meters of them.
    Leap: Toth will leap to Zorn placing the Fearful debuff on anyone within 28 meters of Zorn.
    Fearful: Anyone with this Debuff that damages Zorn will have the damage reflected back onto them.
    Berserk: Toth will go Berserk doing increased Melee AOE damage.
    Rock Toss: While Toth is Berserk Zorn will begin throwing rocks at random raid members within 30 meters.
    Scream: Zorn will do a long channelled scream stunning anyone in front of him.
    Red Circles: Following the scream red circles will begin spawning at the raids feet. Move out quickly as AOE damage from rocks coming up from the ground will follow.
    Weakened: A cleansable debuff that will lower the damage output of those infected. Will infect and stack on anyone within 28 meters of Zorn.
    Soft Enrage: When either Toth or Zorn die before the other it will cause the living one to enrage and do increased damage.
    Sweeping Fire: When Toth and Zorn are dead and the handler jumps down this will be a conal AOE attack that can be interrupted.
    Death From Above: When Toth and Zorn are Dead and the handler jumps down he will channel this and damage an area marked by a red circle. Can be interrupted.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Rock Toss: Now one member of the raid will get targeted by a giant yellow circle that will follow them. Once this turns Purple it will stop following and a large boulder will be in bound doing large damage.
    Berserk: Toth will remain in berserk until he is hit by the large Boulder thrown by Zorn.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Baradium Poisoning: A DoT that hits ALL members when combat is started that does MASSIVE damage every second. Can only be cleansed with a medpack.
    Red Circles: Have less time to move out of them and they hit a lot harder
    Berserk: While Toth is Berserk he will take less damage from all sources.
    Handler Murdock: Can no longer be interrupted causing sweeping fire and death from above to be avoided instead of interrupted.

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Firebrand & Stormcaller

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Firebrand Bombardment: Firebrand will shoot several missiles that come down on little orange circles doing heavy damage.
    Stormcaller Electric Missiles: Stormcaller will be shooting electric missiles to anyone not on the tank that have a AoE field that does DoT to anyone inside it. Heavy hitting.
    Double Destruction: Stormcaller will channel a ability that will place a debuff on up two members standing in front of Stormcaller increasing damage received. If anyone reaches 2 stacks they will explode as a one shot.
    Incinerate Armor: Firebrand will channel a attack that places a debuff on it’s target reducing it’s armor thus increasing damage that target takes.
    Cone Attack: Both Tanks come equipped with a heavy hitting cone attack.
    Defensive Systems: Both tanks will channel a ability called defensive system. While channelling, a shield for each tank will be placed on the outside. At the end of the channel they will knock anyone on the tank off of the tank. Stormcaller will begin spamming a Electric missile on whoever has his agro while Firebrand will do a heat bombing attack doing massive raid damage to anyone outside the shields.
    Focus Blast: Firebrand will zero in on a target signified by a yellow circle then launch a devastating attack.
    Adds: There will be three adds per shield during defensive system. The shield also can take damage.
    Soft Enrage: When one tank dies before the other, the living one will enter a enrage and begin doing massive damage to the raid.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Incinerate Armor: Debuff is far more effective, it will need to be dealt with by either a Tank swap, DPS with Taunt eating it, or Storm Tank taunting briefly.
    Defensive System: The Shield that the NPC’s are in now has far less health and will take damage from the tanks bombardment during the phase. Very important that players do not use AoE’s or hit it at ALL. Shields will now randomly spawn at either the Front, Outside, or Back of the tanks.
    Focus Blast: The yellow circle will no longer stop following it’s target. It must be cleansed to make it stop following it’s target. Failure to do so will cause a one shot kill.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Double Destruction: The Debuff lasts longer on the targets that absorb it. This will require a DPS swap.
    Explosive Add: There will be one add per shield in defensive system phase that will have a mushroom cloud debuff. This Add will explode upon death doing AoE damage.
    Defensive System: Shields can take absolutely NO extra damage from players or it will cause the shield to fail before the phase ends.

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Colonel Vorgath

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Minefield: The field from the entrance to the boss is covered with mines and the group must move through it without triggering a mine.
    Assassin Droids: This are slow moving adds that will start far and move to the group. Will do heavy damage when close
    Melee Adds: Adds will jetpack into the group. Do minor damage
    Probe Droid: Massive Droids that will drop the tools needed to defuse mines when defeated.
    Defuse Tools: When the probe droid falls one member will get a fancy icon over their head which signifies they have the tools. That person and ONLY that person will be able to go into a yellow square to defuse the mine. You have 15 seconds to defuse as soon as a square turns yellow.
    Cleave: Probe droid does a front Cleave that does large cone damage. Can be interrupted
    Turrets: Raid wide damage that cannot be avoided.
    Red Circles: Vorgath will place a red circle on a raid member that will follow the raid member. Does damage to anyone inside it.
    Summon Turrets: Will Spawn 4 turrets that can be CC’d.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Adds: Adds such as the add up with the minesweeper tank and turrets are now golds instead of Silvers.
    Overload: The Probe Droids will now cast this that will do a AOE knockback, Can be interrupted.
    Turrets: Cannot be CC’d any longer during Vorgath fight.

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Overload: No longer a channelled ability and is an instant cast from the Probe Droid
    Mine: The mines will re-arm as they are defused starting with the row farthest from the boss. Mine field must be deactivated at the other end by clicking on a terminal so that the tank can make it through. Limited time to travel.
    Defuse: Defuse time is only 10 seconds down from 15 seconds.
    Turrets: Turrets will continuously spawn during the Vorgath fight if destroyed.

    Puzzle Diagram:

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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    Warlord Kephess

    Mechanics - Story Mode
    Saturation Fire: An AoE ground effect signified by a scorched purple color fired from the Walker.
    Calibrating Shot: Siege Droids will channel this increasing their damage output, can be interrupted.
    Baradium Bomber: Add that will spawn holding a bomb that will blow in 20 seconds.
    Trandoshan Adds: 1 Warrior will spawn with several Trenchgutters. The warrior will shield the trenchgutters reflecting damage back to the attackers.
    Channeled Pulse: One at a time the Pulsar Power droids will channel this doing damage to anyone inside the AOE circle.
    Rail Shot: Pulsar droid not channeling will continuously fire this at the person farthest from it. Moderate to high damage.
    Warlord Kephess: Does HIGH damage and does a frontal cleave.
    Red Circle: will leap and land on the red circle, does high damage to anyone in the circle. Also a threat Drop.
    Gift of the Masters: Radiates with power and grows doing massive damage to anyone within the circle for 8 seconds
    Breath of the Masters: Channel that will then place aoe purple circles on it’s target for a duration.

    Mechanics - Hard Mode
    Calibrating Shot: Additionally adds a damage reduction to the Siege Droids.
    Trandoshan Adds: Spawn Faster
    Gift of the Masters: Pulls group in before casting.
    Breath of the Masters: Channel time reduced

    Mechanics - Nightmare Mode
    Calibrating Shot: Applies a stacking buff that significantly increases damage output and significantly reduces damage intake on Siege Droids
    Trandoshan Adds: Spawns now come two Warriors instead of one
    Breath of the Masters: Channel timer reduced and will now pull the player with the circles to him after the second circle is dropped.

    Story Mode:

    Hard Mode:

    Nightmare Mode:
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