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    Default Holodeck Release Notes: June 18th, 2015

    New Featured Episode:

    Episode “Time in a Bottle”:
    “Time in a Bottle” can be found in the Featured Episode tab of the journal.
    This episode is available for Captains level 10 and up.
    For more information, please visit the Time in a Bottle blog at:


    “House Pegh”
    “House Pegh” has been moved to the Iconian War tab in the episode journal as a level 60 episode.
    Resolved an issue that was preventing Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades from “House Pegh” from being movable to Banks and Account Banks.
    Resolved an issue which was causing the Ground and Space Traits rewarded by opening the packs from “House Pegh” to be opposite from their intended unlocks.
    The pack for "Up Close and Personal" now unlocks the Ground Trait
    The pack for "Point Blank Shot" unlocks the Space Trait.
    Summer Event:
    Adjusting stats of the Targ H.O.G., Klingon Empire, United Federation of Planets, and Romulan Republic faction Powerboards based on player feedback:
    These boards are now Ultra Rare quality, with 65 speed rating, 150 turn rating, and same inertia compared to other boards.
    Enlarged cup size of the undershirt bikini top.
    Mark packages earned by turning in Monkeys, Tropical Birds, and Epohhs no longer grant additional marks during Bonus Mark events
    Resolved an issue where the new T6 Dinaes Warbird Destroyer’s material was not available in the ship tailor for players which own this ship.
    Resolved an issue where some item assignment missions wouldn’t ever show up on some maps.
    A notable example is the DS9 commodity Duty Officer missions.


    Resolved an issue that was preventing players from purchasing Plesh Brek Frigate hangar pets from the Fleet Store, even after owning both the Breen Carrier and Raider.
    Resolved an issue that was preventing players from purchasing Elachi hangar pets from the Fleet Store if only the Command version of the Sheshar was owned.
    Resolved an issue that was preventing the icon/tooltip for Emitter Synergy from showing up in the Starship Mastery UI on the Scryer Intel Science Vessel.

    Known Issues:

    Some of the new Summer Event clothing clips with other pieces of clothing as well as arms and legs of players.
    The Talaxian Trait "Salvage Specialist" is not working properly when damaging low-health foes.
    Occasionally, when accepting a new Episode, the sub tasks under the episode name will not initially appear in the mission tracker.

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    Enlarged cup size of the undershirt bikini top.

    Because small tits were not working as intended.

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    Big tits are OP, plz nerf?

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    How dare you sir. More big Ta Ta's the little ones we call Tittles.

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