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    Hi I only recently begun to do some of the Foundry missions. Been having some fun with them.

    What I am wondering though for immersion/RP has anyone created a mission that allows players to be in a specific era ie TOS/Movies/TNG/etc?

    It would allow those of us that like the older ships to feel more immersed and get to play in that era without feeling out of place.

    Is even such a thing able to be done? Are the TOS sets even able to be used?

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    TOS sets are not yet available in the Foundry. It's been mentioned that they will be, someday. A few bits of set dressing are available, but that's it.

    Keep in mind that STO is set something like 40 years after TNG, so you'd have to have a good 'Trek' explanation for traveling to that time period.

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    Make it a themed HoloNovel on the Holodeck.

    Remember the last episode of Enterprise (no groaning the show had some good ideas). Riker and Troi were in the Holodeck living through a historical moment. Base the mission around something like that, lots of obscure moments in Trek history that doesn't involve any of the known characters. Theme it during a specific time periods to give people a chance to play dress up with those out of date uniforms and ships. There is a audience for it, just look at all the people screaming for a Tier 5 TOS ship.

    Just wondering if anyone has already done this type of thing on the foundry and if its even possible.

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