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    Default Battlefield Hardline Mexiko VPN reminder + videos videos videos

    VPN reminder:

    Ultimate Edition:
    Germany 120€
    US $120
    Mexiko $83
    Brazil $74

    ... the VPN trick still works like it did with BF4 and Titanfall.
    just VPN to your country of choice, log into Origin, put the game in your shopping cart, stop the proxy, origin won't disconnect you and PayPal won't ask to verify that you just traveled to Mexiko either aaaand 40€ saved. is the VPN i used (seen 4x free Mexiko 1x free Brazil yesterday).


    some NDA must have been lifted, my YouTube sub page is full of Hardline PR Event Video footage...

    i won't even bother to sort them in any way...

    and yes EA is totally paying them via Ronku.
    Not that this is a problem, just be aware that they aren't allowed to mouth off about bugs just yet.
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    and guess what... more videos!

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    Hardline was okay. Had a hard time running on my computer. Besides, I found that rounds were too quick. By the time I got in game it was time to move to a new map. I'll stick to BF4 for the time being.
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