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    Default Jupiter Force Guild In SWGEmu

    I managed to pull together enough credits yesterday to purchase a guild hall. The deed for the hall cost 95K and I put a month's rent into it which cost 75K. The privacy setting on the structure is set to public so anyone can wander inside at any time. The sign outside says "Jupiter Force HQ". I will get the exact waypoint co-ordinates for it and add them here later.

    This allowed me to start a guild: Jupiter Force <JF>

    The guild hall is located about 1100m NW of Mos Eisley on Tatooine. The quickest way to it is to shuttle into Mos Oasis and then it is just 200m or so to walk.

    Exact Waypoint: 2428 -4140

    In order for a character to be guilded in SWG you need to follow a process:

    (1) Whoever wants to invite a player needs to be in the guild hall beside the guild terminal
    (2) The character to be invited needs to be in the guild hall beside the guild terminal
    (3) The person wishing to invite the player must have "Sponsorship" rights on the specific character logged in
    (4) Using the radial menu on the guild terminal the person to be invited can be "sponsored for membership"
    (5) The person being sponsored will get an onscreen message to accept or reject the sponsorship
    (6) A character with membership approval rights must then use the radial menu on the guild terminal to accept or reject the sponsored member
    (7) Once accepted that character becomes a full guild member and gets the <JF> tag above their head for others to see

    I've added all 10 of my characters to the guild along with Tibbetts at this point. The plan is to have everyone in the guild able to sponsor others for membership and the officers will be able to approve or reject sponsored players.

    If you need characters added to the new guild then ping me on TeamSpeak or if you are in game then contact one of these characters (if two are online then the chances are that one or both are AFK unless I'm active in TS at the time).


    All communication in SWG is done via the first name of your character. You use this to add characters to your friends list, to send them PMs in game (using /tell) and for adding them to the permission lists on structures in the game.
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