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    Default Sins of the Father

    I am a complete Foundry novice, but presently I am writing a script for a story arc dealing with Ja'rod, Son of Torg. His story is one of the untapped gems from the path to 2409, and I wanted to muse upon it with this mission.

    The basic premise is that Ja'rod's influence within the empire is the cause of much speculation. Many of the powerful Klingon families still recognize old debts to the House of Duras despite the litany of disgraces brought by the two previous generations. Add to that the fact that Ja'rod is a sort of celebrity for his various exploits against the Undine and other foes to the empire as well as his refusal to accept a place on the high council because he "hadn't earned it". Many people think that the time where he has earned his place has come...

    The conflict of this particular episode deals not so much with Ja'rod as it does his adopted house: The House of Torg. The dissolution of the house due to their schemes against the House of Martok and revealed alliance with the Romulans has come back to the fore. It is feared that the remnants of the house will call upon Ja'rod for support perhaps even being accepted into a reformed House of Duras. Such an act could tear the empire apart.

    Will Ja'rod follow in his mother's, uncle's, and grandfather's footsteps and take the path of treachery and dishonor in order to advance himself and his house or will he overcome the Sins of his Fathers?
    Anyway, right now I'm working on the script as I said, and I'll poke around in the Foundry, but would anyone be interested in assisting me on this one (if assists are even possible in the Foundry in its current iteration)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it's possible and the offer is still in effect,]
    I could assist you.
    The thing is rather interesting for me.
    So... How can I contact you?

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    This an old thread from like 17 months ago and the guy who posted is no longer in JF, and has not been seen in 6 months, sorry

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    i suspect lane is spam...

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