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    Default Increase RAM Allocation For SWG Client

    This setting will allow you to set a new maximum RAM usage for the game. Note, that 2 GB is the max, don't bother allocating anything beyond that, the client won't use it.
    This setting will not make much difference for un-modified clients, BUT, if you use mods, and use the updated SWGEmu.exe client, you will want to use that extra RAM.

    • Right-click the "My Computer" icon [Win7] or Control Panel >> System and Security >>System [Win 8 & 8.1]
    • Choose "Properties" from the context menu [Win 7]
    • Click the "Advanced" tab ["Advanced system settings" link in Win7]
    • Click the "Environment Variables" button
    • Under the "System variables" section, click new
    • Enter SWGCLIENT_MEMORY_SIZE_MB in the "Variable name" field and amount of memory to use (1024 for 1 gig) in the "Variable value" field
    • Click OK
    • Then in game, open the debug window with CTRL+SHIFT+G, the new value should be displayed properly in megabytes.

    This trick doesn't provide a bit boost to the performance of a single game client but when you are running multiple instances this provides a nice performance boost.

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    You're almost like an SWG forum spambot. God forbid you're sharing info with the others guys that play the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunter View Post
    You're almost like an SWG forum spambot. God forbid you're sharing info with the others guys that play the game.
    I've tried to Manage the Loss of SWG for a long time now so having a bunch of new players who want to play the emulator and get more information on how to do so is a nice position to be in.

    I suppose it's also nice to have lurkers who have so little to keep them occupied that they watch these forums like it's all some sort of content delivery mechanism.

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    YAY It works. This along with the 60 fps mod almost brings it into 2015 lol.

    I Spend another 10 to 12 hours in galaxies yesterday... its like 2003/2004 all over again

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    The strange thing for me when I get to the character selection screen, and it's probably related to the music, is that I get a real sense of "home" from SWG. I've been trying to get more informed on the plans for the SWGEmu and I'm quite hopeful that we've got some fun times ahead.

    The dev team on SWGEmu are succeeding because they refuse to deviate from the goal of fully restoring SWG 14.1 and nothing more. Other teams have snatched their open source server code and as I've posted about previously those teams are making modified servers with new quests and new classes. The SWGEmu devs have indulged in a little speculation about what should happen once they deliver their final version.

    - Kashyyyk & Mustafar are unlikely to be added as they were never built like the original Pre-CU planets
    - Jump To Lightspeed will be added once the rest of the ground game is completed
    - the Basilisk server will be sunset
    - a new server called "Suncrusher" will be brought online and a new team will take it over
    - the Suncrusher version of the game will get patched with new content and restored CU / NGE content making it a hybrid version of SWG
    - there may be a "vanilla" version of the final version of 14.1 maintained so people can get the "pure" SWG experience
    - fixes to the issues that Lucasarts & Sony addressed with the CU and NGE could be approached without losing the pre-CU professions

    Overall the intention seems to be to not just undo the damage that was done to SWG but to take it from the "best" point in the Pre-CU version and continue to develop the game from that specific point as if the CU and NGE never happened. Looks like a bright future for this once dead game.

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