Creating characters - 1 Character every 24 hours (and more)

General account information:
  • One person can only have 1 account
  • One account can have 2 characters online at the same time
  • One account can have 10 characters created total

Creating characters, 24 hours rule, deleting, character names and bugs
  • Only 1 character can be created every 24 hours
  • If you try to create a new character before those 24 hours are up, timer is reset and you have to wait full 24 hours from that point in time
  • If you delete a character before 24 hours is up, timer is reset and you have to wait 24 hours
  • Names of deleted characters need to be cleared from the database before they are reused, so you need to wait for a server crash or a restart before you can reuse the name
  • Staff can not lift those restriction you have to wait.

NOTE: If you created a character please make sure you wait 24 hours before trying to create a new character or deleting the existing one

These restrictions had to be implemented because some people made scripts that would tip their main character the starting credits. Not really sure if the script was also deleting 9 created characters, and doing that all over again or they had to do that manually, but still that gave them an unfair advantage over everyone else and we had to put a stop to that. System is not perfect, but its better than not having one.

~The SWGEmu Staff