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    Default Star Wars Galaxies [SWG] - Multiple Revival Projects Underway

    I started playing SWG way back in 2003 and didn't finish up with it until mid 2011 about 6 months before they shut down the service. The game went through three major phases during that run.

    (1) Pre-CU [Combat Upgrade]
    (2) CU
    (3) NGE [New Game Enhancements]

    Each of those phases brought something different to the game and the players have vastly differing opinions on which was "the best" phase. When asked the most common answer from former players is phase 1, the Pre-CU era. The rose tinted glasses of nostalgia are in full effect in that response though as it overlooks the glaring balance problems that version of SWG had. These are some of the major features that I can recall from each phase:

    (1) Pre-CU
    - 32 professions that you could mix and match until you ran out of skill points
    - Jump To Lightspeed space expansion with 3 factions, 9 squadrons and a ground crafting profession underpinning it all
    - Jedi unlocked by mastering multiple professions (extra character slot granted upon unlock)

    (2) Combat Upgrade
    - character levels introduced with a cap of 80
    - combat efficacy against specific targets could now be judged based on your level vs the target and it's "grade" - normal / strong / elite
    - Jedi unlocked via a series of quests and a massive XP grind (character taking the quests transitions to Jedi rather than a new character being granted)
    - Creature Handler profession enhanced into a full fledged mini-game

    (3) New Game Enhancements [NGE]
    - shooter mode added
    - 32 professions reduced to just 9 with some like Creature Handler being erased entirely just weeks after being completely overhauled
    - five raids added (Tusken Army, Imperial Star Destroyer, Nightsister Stronghold, IG88 Encounter, Exar Kun)
    - Jump to lightspeed space game expanded

    Personally I see aspects of each phase that I loved. The profession diversity of Pre-CU, the character levels of the CU with the enhanced creature handler class and the content additions that came from the NGE once the initial shock dissipated. In truth I believe that the best version of SWG is likely a mix and match of every phase the game went through.

    For years I've been keeping an eye on the SWGEmu project and it has a stated aim of providing the full Pre-CU experience. As of right now that project has an almost fully functional Pre-CU ground game which the devs want to complete before they start working on added in the space game (Jump To Lightspeed). One consolation is that they have stated that it will be relatively quick and easy to enable the space game once their ground game work is done. I created a character on their server yesterday and toured around a few cities and all of the NPCs for the space game are present as are the ship access consoles.

    I've now become aware of another emulation project which is aiming at restoring a version of SWG as it was just before the server shutdown in late 2011. I'll take a look at that project in more depth over the next few weeks and see what progress has been made. The only nugget I've heard at this point is that this project wants to expedite the space game restoration and that his dev team don't get along with the SWGEmu dev team.

    Either way it seems that some research is required into these emulation projects to see which offers the better SWG experience. It makes me wonder if there are even more emulation efforts taking place out there.

    Project SWG

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    From initial recon trips to each emulator it seems that the SWGEmu effort is a lot further along. In that one you have the majority of the ground game features present and you could easily create characters there and level up in multiple professions.

    In ProjectSWG right now you can log in and explore but that's about it. There does not seem to be any content hooked up yet but I've read over their plan to get the game up and running through 10 code updates. It seems like a solid plan overall but I doubt that they know at this point how long it will take to get to update 10.

    On another note, you can run both emulators side by side with no issues. I've even been able to run them both at the same time on the same computer which was quite surreal. Actually being able to see a Pre-CU version of SWG on one monitor while the other is showing post-NGE SWG is something that I never thought would happen.

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    Found a third project working on an emulator. Just like the SWGEmu these guys are working to restore the Pre-CU version of the game.

    SWG:ANH [Star Wars Galaxies: A New Hope]

    I still find it quite amusing that a "failed" game has so many people working to bring some version of it back to life.

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