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    Okay, new question. I'm trying to get Ten of Ten for my duty officer roster, but ... where the F*** is the B'Tran Cluster?!

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    aux2bat eh ? easy but less dps than the layout i showed you.

    b'tran is in gamma orionis

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    I still don't understand. How is your layout, which has three duplicates, differ from an aux2batt build which doesn't need any duplicates for the same effect?

    Another question. For my science officer skills, is it better to have Polarize Hull I and Transfer Shield Strength II, or TSS1 and Tractor Beam Repulsors?
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    The only character I have still flying an escort (IIRC) is my Tac Human, and he's flying a Fleet Advanced Escort (Prometheus). With all the changes in the game lately, all of my characters need help catching up, but that will have to wait til my new PC is up and running.

    Just my 2 gpl worth.

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    Well, since it turns out I'm a terrible pilot, it seems that rear beam arrays deal more damage for me than turrets. So I've updated my build. Now I just need to decide which ability, if any, to sac for Beam Overload/Fire At Will, if any.

    As an aside, if I could get away with using the Vaadwaur Polaron weapons, I totally would, those things are slick. I even made a variant just for that.

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    As an aside, I recently got some money, so I'm considering getting the Eclipse Intel ship in order to unlock its trait. Two questions. One, is the trait worth it? And two, how does the Eclipse handle and shoot in comparison to the T5 escorts?

    (As for why I don't just get the Phantom ... it's ugly. I'm vain, I know, but I don't like using ugly ships.)

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    Default Escort Ship

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkflight View Post
    Hi, new member here. First off, I would like to apologize for not being very active since being accepted, between the recent snowpocalypse and school ramping up I haven't had much time to myself.

    That said, now that I'm finally caught up on everything, and the snow has lessened (the snow did, in fact, bother me anyway), I'm planning to get active in-game again, and I have two questions. First, I'm ramping up to get a fleet escort, and I'm not sure which one to pick. I was originally looking at the escort carrier, because I always liked the Akira and the idea of having little attack ships stinging the enemy and intercepting torpedoes was charming to me. But then I saw the Patrol Escort Retrofit, and I thought, "That looks pretty cool. The design is unique, and it has that extra aft-mounted cannon to poop more damage on the enemy after my alpha strike." Then I realized that there was a fleet version of the Defiant, one of my favorite ships, and now I just don't know what to pick anymore. @_@

    The second question is, so far I've only had one day to do any of the anniversary stuff. If I got back in and played every day, would I still have a chance at getting enough Qmendations for the new ship, or am I SOL? As an aside, if I am SOL, will these Qmendations count for next year's anniversary as well, or should I just discard them?
    I fly an Advanced Escort ship with 4 forward weapons and 3 aft weapons which makes it quite formidable in a fight with the right setup.
    My setup is 4 Dual disruptors on the front 4, giving me 8 guns and 3 dual heavy cannons on the rear mounts, giving me 6 guns.
    With my shield disrupt beam (cant remember what its called), these can soon rip through a battleships armour after several fly pasts.
    With certain buffs fitted, they are very maneuverable and in a dogfight, this is important.
    If you get an escort ship, you wont regret it.
    I have 4 others, but fly this most as its deadly
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