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    Default Cutting the Cord - New Mar. 5, 2011

    The last episode in the The Romulan featured series continues the trend of adding a number of accolades. This episode is long, confusing at times, and there is a lot of misinformation out there about the accolades. The fifth and final episode, Cutting the Cord, includes 6 new accolades. All 6 of these accolades are available for both KDF and Federation.

    In order to get all of the accolades, you are going to need a group that contains one person of each class: Tactical, Science and Engineering. One accolade is on the first space map, with the other 5 all being on the ground map.

    Friendly Fire - Fed & KDF

    This accolade is the Tactical task. It will be the first accolade you get and the only one in space. During the initial battle, you will be given the option of reprogramming a satellite. Have your tactical team member do this for an easy accolade.

    Gravity Kills - Fed & KDF

    This accolade is the Engineering task. This accolade is a bit of a challenge to get, so here is how you do it. Shortly past the first bomb you plant on the roof tops (and past the first orbital strike), you will hit a cut scene of a Scorpion Fighter approaching you. Have the Engineer lead your team here, as you want him/her to be as close as possible to the right console when the cut scene appears. The Engineer must now run straight, and activate the console before the Scorpion Fighter comes back around and bombs it. You can see what the console looks like in the screenshot below. If you see it is on fire, as indicated by the "Bad!" section of my screenshot, you must reset the mission and try again.

    Grounded - Fed & KDF

    Remember that Scorpion Fighter I just mentioned? Well as your Engineer is activating the console, everyone else must be shooting the fighter. Hit it enough before it flies away and it will set on fire and crash, giving you this tough accolade.

    Shooting Romulans in a Barrel - Fed & KDF

    Ok, this accolade is a bit confusing. To get it, you must shoot and destroy a parked Scorpion fighter. It is located across an impassable chasm, close to the Engineering console. The proper way to get this accolade is to wait to destroy it until you get to the part of the mission that says "Disable Force Field by Drawing Power Away". To complete this, you must activate the blue panel shown in the first screenshot below. Once that is done, Romulans will beam in across the way to the north. Shoot and destroy the Scorpion Fighter behind them (the red arrow in the second screenshot below marks where it was before I killed it). The explosion will take out the Romulans. You can blow up the Scorpion Fighter before this, and not kill anyone. However once you draw power away later, you will still get the accolade. But it won't be as satisfying.

    Death from Above - Fed & KDF

    This accolade is easy, you must simply activate both orbital strikes. The first is as soon as you climb on to the roofs, to the right of the bomb you plant. The second is along the path as you climb the tower to get an access key, after deactivating the force field. They are hard to miss, as they are marked by glowing ships.

    Worms - Fed & KDF

    This accolade is the Science task. This accolade is simple as well. Once you have killed Hakeev, enter the west room (the one opposite the room where you blow up a gate). Have you Science team member activate the console at the end of the hall.

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    yay, thanks Cinos for clearing up the confusion.

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    Awesomsauce, I'm in five of those pictures

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    My thalaron "mud" covered ass is in one as well.....

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    Nice. Thanks for the help there! A couple of those were confusing and tough to grab.

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    Thank you. I have been trying to get my eng accolade for over a yr now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lt.Talls View Post
    Thank you. I have been trying to get my eng accolade for over a yr now.
    Which, ironically enough, is how long since the last post in this thread...

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