DERebecca, on 15 Oct 2014 - 11:05 PM, said:

  • Increased default speed of Dagger attacks using the Pointed Wind stance.
  • Altered the Nikana jump roll transition time and animation to match the default roll.
  • Increased the drop rate on Personal Life Support modules in Corpus and Infested Survival missions so as to match Grineer and Corrupted Survival drop rates.
  • Parry procs can now be triggered during Valkyrís Hysteria.
  • Bonus Credits will no longer awarded on failed missions.
  • Bonus Credits will now be displayed at the end of match screen and back on the Liset for Dark Sector missions.

  • Fixed an issue with the Codex Scanner overlay appearing even when no HUD was toggled, content creators rejoice!
  • Fixed an issue with Valkyrís Hysteria finisher animations using Furax animations.
  • Fixed an issue with Loki being able to switch teleport Dark Sector defense pods.
  • Fixed an issue with Switch Teleport field of view visuals not properly disappearing if the ability is used while falling into a pit.
  • Fixed cases of toggle abilities getting out of sync between host and client when spammed.
  • Fixed an issue with the pause menu causing the extraction animation to not play correctly and subsequently cause the player to fail the mission.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect wave number being displayed at the end of Defense missions.
  • Fixed erroneous counter chance calculation.