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    Default Should STOKED start is own Star Trek Audio Drama Series ??

    I was wondering if STOKED should do its own Star Trek or Star Wars audio drama ??

    Kinda like Excelsior, Section 31, Lost Frontier, Omega Targets, and the like.

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    didn't you ask this same question a month ago?

    However, this does remind me of when STO was young and fresh and had a creative player community , the people over at Trek Radio use to make Audio dramas for the holidays. Some of them were pretty funny and well done. When I think of that, I see how the community has changed since that first year...... boy now am pretty depressed....

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    Have you missed Harmless Content all this time? Its written and produced by Trek Radio's own folks...

    - DJ SummerWolfe, Galactic Corona host, Trek Radio

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    its already has a drama series.

    Jupiter Force Street.

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    Yes, modeled after a reality TV show, STOKed Radio should follow Trixy around STO filming the characters game play. From the random dance-offs and fashion shows to the constant interaction with players, it might actually demonstrate what most players of STO think is impossible...

    That STO really can be an emmersive multiplayer universe.

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    Maybe have a couple of avatars sitting around club 47 and having an IRL bar chat. It'd greatly depend on the quality of the bar chat, of course.

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