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    Hey everybody. I'm currently working on my first Foundry mission, which starts with an Epic space battle. In this battle you join forces with "Battle Group Charlie" (lead by my character Charles Decker) and slug through wave after wave of Romulan ships, similar to the fleet that supports you against the Doomsday Machine and a few other epic battles like that. The Battle Group is made up of multiple friendly squads, populated with custom "Actors" wearing custom ship costumes. So far I've been making them match my various ships, but the squads are set up so that as the team size grows, additional actors are present. This means that as additional players are present, the Battle Group should grow in size as well (making the battle even more Epic). As these additional ships show up, I'd like them to be ships belonging to various players in Jupiter Force.

    What I'd like from you guys is a list of Ships that you'd like to appear in Battle Group Charlie and a description of how to build the ship;

    U.S.S. William Tell: Fleet Escort
    Saucer: Gryphon
    Hull: Hemies
    Nacels: Gryphon
    Center Pylon: Dervish
    Side Pylons: Dervish

    I'd like to eventually make the markings on the ships match as well, but I don't think they've added that yet (or at least it isn't clear how they relate to the markings named after the astrological symbols right now).

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    Okay, my ship is the USS Atlantica which you will see in some of my missions. It is the Intrepid class ship with all of the Intrepid pieces.

    Then the other I have is the USS Horizon, a defiant class ship with all of the Defiant pieces, and the USS Trident which is a Galaxy class ship.

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    Awesome idea! Right now I'm flying around in the Nebula Retrofit, U.S.S. Allagash. All Nebula parts. :]

    If you need another ship, my other is an Intrepid (All intrepid bits) named U.S.S. Asclepius.

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    There she is, U.S.S. Gemini NCC-96181. It's just the Excelsior (Ent-B style) retrofit, i've heard several say they don't like it but it's grown on me more having used it alot lately. Though i've been thinking about trying out the Galaxy-R some more.

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    Thanks for the info guys. Keep it coming. Unfortunately there is now a bug in the Foundry where the ships no longer appear with their custom ship costumes, so in my mission right now all the ships look identical, but hopefully they fix this soon. I'm into my vacation time now, so I'm going to spend some time with the Foundry working on my mission (part 1 in a 3 part series I have planned). The first one is going to be called "The Diversion", and I've already posted a very early version of it (although I'm in the process of changing it, so much of the dialog is wrong).

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    Ok, I just spent several hours doing a major revamp on "The Diversion". I think it's looking quite good now (except for the generic ship bug).

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    USS Final Requiem - Discovery class, All discovery bits - NX 97701

    Captain Veliah Truard (VA)
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    USS Phoenix - Pure Vigilant Class - NX 93548-F
    Windows Type 2, Material Type 4, Black and Red, all Lacerta pattern

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    USS Bellepotent - NX-91786-D, Sovereign class.

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    U.S.S. Texas

    Straight-up Galaxy class retrofit.

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