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Thread: Need a guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanis View Post

    There you go.

    Thats a Sci Kinetic Damage dealer,that works for both PVE and PVP in case you decide to join us for some JF PVP events or MACO PVP Sessions.

    Having 9 points into Particle Generator and Graviton Generators,you'r holds and kinetic damage will be powerful.

    2 Gravity Wells will help you with large holds,Tractor Beam Repulsor(with Voth Tractor Beam doff that replaces push into Pull) will give you option to pull those npc/players back to Gravity Well in case they try to escape,normal Tractor beam is good just for holding certain npc/player and drain shield plus doing little kinetic damage.

    Powers like HE III,TSS II,ST I are there to help you with large hull and shield heals.
    Same goes for SIF I and ET I(especially since tommorow it won't share cooldown with ST I and TT I).
    TT I is for faster shield distribution,CRF I for doing more damage with your AuX DHC,and EPTS I for Shield resistance.

    Power levels should be:

    130 -Aux
    90 - Shield
    25 - Weapon
    50 - Enginer

    Doff requirements:

    2 Deflector Officer - preferably purple,but blue will be enough if you can't afford purple ones
    Gravimetric Scientist - preferably purple,but blue will be enough
    Tractor Beam Officer - Voth Doff with description "Replaces Tractor beam repulsors pull into push",purple since there isn't blue one.
    Energy Weapon Officer - Reduces cooldown of Cannon based powers,blue will be enough,purple if you can obtain it.

    I see you put fleet equips there..
    How could I get them if Im still a red shirt?

    ohh one more question, how do you become a crewman?

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    Ask that brittish Ooiue?


    You become crewman by being active in the fleet,good behaviour.

    Activity: participating in JF fleet events,forum activity,talking with other members through JFC,good behaviour,teamspeak activity(optional).

    All those are imporant part if you want to be promoted to crewman rank.

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