It's going to be a very busy day tomorrow, in fact it's looking like a really busy STO weekend. There are multiple events taking place in addition to the usual STOked livestream. Here are the ones that I'm currently aware of:

- Friday Evening sees new STO Community Manager Captain Smirk hosting a "pub quiz" on at Quarks [seems awfully familiar]
- Saturday Morning (unknown time at the moment) will be a non-livestream, pre-recorded interview with Branflakes
- Saturday afternoon will be the usual STOked taping over the livestream including some special activities as with our Xmas event
- Saturday (prior to STOked and after STOked) the Jupiter Force teams will be running quizzes and entertaining the in game masses
- Saturday (all day) We're all keeping an eye out for whatever the STO Fugitive has planned and hopefully it doesn't disrupt our event plans
- Sunday sees a Sub Space Radio event
- All Weekend it's Dilithium bonus time

That's quite a packed schedule for STO this weekend. As updates and clarifications come in I will post them here but if any of you hear of anything else that I've missed here then feel free to post in this thread so that we can maintain visibility and keep awareness up.