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    Mary L. Drake

    Smile THE 300's Holiday Event 2013

    Greetings my friends from Jupiter Force,

    it is my pleasure to invite you all to our special Holiday Event 2013. We want to have an awesome party with all our friends to celebrate the holiday season. Among having a lot of fun and a great party we will offer several funny games to participate in. Cebear's TrekTrivia, Roll-The-Key and Casual PvP will just be some great chances to win not only loads of glory but also some special prizes.

    The party is scheduled for the 28th of December 2013, at 02:30pm LA / 05:30pm NY / 10:30pm UK / 11:30pm GER, please check the in-game fleet event tab for your local starting time. This special event will take place at THE AEGIS, our fleet's starbase in Eta Eridani - just ask in Joint Operations or via tell @FrancisDrake for invites!

    On a sidenote: As this is a casual event getting dressed for the occasion is encouraged!

    Clear Skies Captain - see you at the Party and happy holidays!


    Mary Lene Drake
    Fleet Marshal of THE 300
    Fleet Operations Central Command

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    Sounds like fun!

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    Sounds good to me!

    We have a Fleet Event on at 9PM GMT, an hour and a half beforehand, so if anyone from our fleet does turn up, they maybe slightly exhausted

    Also bear in mind, that is getting late for some of our Euro members, but I would think at least someone would try to be there

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    Ask that brittish Ooiue?


    Would definetly go but that time is bit late for me.

    Still, thanks guys for inviting us and merry Xmas.

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