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Thread: Risa accolades

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    Default Risa accolades

    Found in the sewer. Good map and a whole list of them. can't polish a turd......

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    Default Risa accolades Map

    Found this info on the sewers. Thanks to Smiecho for the map and sander233 for the explaination.


    Legend for map:

    Numbers: The Big Year (find 10 parrots and enjoy the views - unlocks title: "Ornithologist")
    1. Arches
    2. Back Beach
    3. Tower Bay
    4. Resort
    5. Grotto
    6. Long Strand
    7. The Tidal Pool
    8. A Well Traveled Path
    9. The Heart Of The Mountain
    10. A Lonely Rock

    Letters: Master Explorer
    A. Denied Mok'bara / Practitioner of Mok'bara (interact with Klingons - daytime only)
    B. Walked the Boardwalk
    C. Wont Look Down (bridge)
    D. Why Are You Flying Over The Volcano (land on highest peak)
    E. Risa Roofer (land on top of resort)
    F. Arc Flight Mastery (fly under an arch)
    G. Onlooker (nighttime only, randomly spawns Worf and Jadzia lookalikes)
    H. Fireworks Observer (best viewed from the docks - fireworks go off after sunsets)
    I. Lighty Landed on a Lighthouse (two points - hit both for the accolade)

    J. Pavyl's Game (Hide and seek game with four successive hiding places. On one of my characters the accolade triggered when I found him the first time. My other character had to find him twice.)

    J-0. Pavyl hangs out here during daytime, giving you the clue for where he'll be that night.

    J-1. Catch Me If Toucan (Pavyl's first hideout is in a cave at the north end of the bridge)

    J-2. Ducks of Hazzard (under the Klingon's arch)

    J-3. Gorilla in Sixty Seconds (just north of the lighthouse)

    J-4. The Frog and the Furious (An inlet on the north side of the main island leads into a grotto)

    X. Unauthorized Beach Party (Nighttime only. Join the dancers around the bonfire and click the "Party!" button on the right side of the screen)

    Y. Samba! (ask the dance instructor how to participate to unlock the Dance_Samba emote. Finish the dance party (30 successful dance moves, award 15 favors at once for 25 total) to unlock Dance_Samba_Advanced)
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    wow theres loads of good ones

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    How DARE you make my confusing post easier to read! Bastard!!!!!BBBAAAAASSSSSTTTAAARRRRDDDDD!!!!!!

    Thanks Darth, owe u one. can't polish a turd......

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    posted it 2 minutes after you did in the accolades section instead of the general STO section. One of TPTB snapped their omnipotent fingers and merged the threads. First time I have ever included a picture, I think. Wait, thats not true, I did the pizza ribbon.

    Anyways, Great minds think alike, and keep those amazing lock box ideas coming Fathom!

    Jolan Tru, etc, etc.

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    thanks so much, huge help!

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    Not bad.

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