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    I have the same ship and this is very simular to the set up I was thinking of. Definitly auxstr3. That lt com sci is going to be fun to play with. Plenty of good choices

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    got my Adapted Destroyer too now...

    first wanted to go with the default DHC Escort approach like always, but i underestimated the friggen SIZE of that Ship, i CAN'T aim with those tiny firing arcs. it just visually not possible to keep it aimed at the enemy. I need a 180 firing arc at least so i try it with default single cannons now... really do not feel like putting beams on that monster.

    in fact i don't like any of the ingame weapons for it, i want machine guns or something crazy like 360 rapid fire dual beam turrets that shoot in bursts... something that just LOOKS more alien than the usual stuff.

    tried plasma... no like... tried disruptors... better but... nah... i think i try Antiproton next.

    anyway i'm happy with the 200 Lobi Ferengi turret so far, looks apropriate and the firing arc keeps pressure up.

    one thing i noticed is that the NPCs seem to shoot down those Shrapnel Torpedos pretty much instantly... !? Gekko clearly fucked up the Threat generation and defense rates here...
    those torps seem to spawn behind my ship / behind my screen in fact... on the first few tries i didn't even SEE the torpedos because they were shot down so fast.

    no joke i think the Ferengi Rocket Launcher does more damage than this ability.
    and with that the special ability of this Ship is pretty much pure crap.

    i also bought the Cruiser and slapped it's console on the Destroyer, that one does A LOT of damage, in particular in Tholian NPC groups it takes care of all the spam...
    but it looks super boring and lame... nothing i remember from the movies or anything like that... just some plasma ball that does some boring shockwave effect on impact and yellow numbers rise...
    efficient but FX-team fail.

    that are my thoughts so far... oh and fighting endgame content is almost hard in a crappy build (i have all console slots filled with C-Store consoles because in the campaing literally NOTHING usable dropped and was too lazy to get them elsewhere yet)
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    small update

    change all the space weapons to Nanites Disruptor MkXI purple Accx3

    also traded out the Reman Boff for the old Sci Boff...but put Tractor Beam Repulsors 2 on her lt comdr slot.
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