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    Default New "Cartel Store" Vendors On The Fleet

    The new reputation added today "The Contraband Resale Corporation" can only be gained by purchasing and then opening cartel card packs. The cap on this in three times the normal cap at 36K per week. You get the reputation points from trophies in the cartel packs. There are three associated vendors as detailed below.

    There are two currencies in addition to your reputation rank that come into play - credits & Cartel Market Certificates.

    Reputation Vendor - a couple of armour sets and a new Aratech speeder that has a transparent black skin.

    Embargoed Items Vendor - armour chest plates (L43) recently removed from the cartel store available here for 40K each at Newcomer level.

    Contraband Resale - this one is the nicest new addition - key items from previous cartel packs are available here for cartel market certificates and credits once you have the required rep level e.g. Revan's Mask is 10 certificates, 100K and Legend rep status.

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    Love those updates so far. Just hoping they won't play too much on the cartel market like Cryptic is.

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    HAH hilarious what a way to hook OCD people into buying more packs haha/

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