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    "My brothers! Today, you stand with me, as free Jem'hadar. The White no longer holds over us. It no longer controls us. The Founders, no longer control us. We will no longer be treated as slaves, bound to the will of the Changelings to kill in their name. Today, we are free to fight and do as we will, in the name of the Jem'hadar! With this cure provided by Doctor Lanford, we are the start of a new era of Jem'hadar. It is our duty to spread this cure across the stars to all Jem'hadar. They deserve their freedom as much as you and me. Of course, the Founders will not allow us to spread our ideas and cures to their slaves easily. We will fight back though! They wanted to breed us to fight for them! Now we fight against them! If they wish to keep us as slaves in their name, they will fall trying! From this day on, I declare that the Jem'hadar are a free people! Today marks the day, where we fight back!"

    -Tomak'Tolan; 2389 - Founding of the Jem'hadar Alliance.

    For almost two decades, the Jem'hadar Alliance has fought for their freedom, and to free their people from the shackles of the Dominion. The fight has been long and hard, but these Jem'hadar have never given up hope. Tomak'Tolan has continued to lead his people to a new age, and is the longest living Jem'hadar in history. Many of his followers consider him as the Jem'hadar who will never fall until his goal is met, freeing his people. You've had the pleasure of fighting by his side before (Mission Deep Space 11, and the Jem'hadar Alliance Series) but will ties with the Jem'hadar Alliance take a quick wrong turn? The fight for freedom becomes harder everyday as the Dominion breeds new Jem'hadar that can not be cured. That hope seems to be fading away everyday as more Alliance troopers fall, and more new Jem'hadar are bred. Will ties with the Jem'hadar Alliance continue to be good, or have their plans for freedom changed?

    Recent Dominion raids along to border turn out to be raids committed by the Jem'hadar Alliance. Have they decided it's better to rob from the Federation, than to be friends? Discover the truth behind a secret plot in the Jem'hadar Alliance, before the hopes of a free Jem'hadar people are lost forever. It's up to you to investigate, and keep to peace between old allies before chaos erupts in the Gamma Quadrant!

    Check out the sequel five part series today to the Jem'hadar Alliance, in my latest series, Tomak'Tolan. Take on the Jem'hadar once again in exciting combat, sneak into Dominion space in a shuttle, and discover a hidden plot before a terrible deed can be done. All of this in my latest Foundry series!

    Enjoy my latest series. It will be my last Foundry Series for some time. Expect to see some one off missions coming out soon! Thanks to everyone who has played my series, and see you out there!


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    Sounds epic!

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    Oh dear another one of....

    I mean....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ooiue View Post
    Oh dear another one of....

    I mean....


    Wait... Jem'Hadar weaned off Ketricel White... these aren't emo Jem'Hadar, are they?!?!

    Dammit Murphy!


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