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    Default Cold War (The Breen) - New May 24th, 2012

    The fourth and final featured episode replay week is here. Each of these replays comes with one new accolade, gained by finding a hidden Lobi crystal in each episode. This week is the Breen series. This accolade is only available from May 24-31, 2012. Many of these are very early in missions, so I still recommend getting the lobi as soon as possible, then beaming out and dropping the mission.

    This accolade is attainable by both Fed and KDF, and requires no teaming.

    Lobi Scavenger Hunt - "Cold War" - Fed & KDF

    Below is the list of hints for each episode in this series.

    Cold Call

    I actually recommend getting this lobi in the mission Cold Case, as it will let you skip the tedious escort space part at the beginning (yes you can get it in Cold Case too). Either way, once on the ground map of Deferi, head around the city and to the north, to the place marked on the map below. Scan the eyeball plant for the lobi.

    Out in the Cold

    Once on the ground map in the part of the mission "Deferi Dilithium", head clockwise around the map through the tunnels until you reach the thin oval room on the east side of the map. On the left wall in this room scan the purple plant to get the lobi.

    Cold Comfort

    Beam down to the ship, and run to the place I have marked on the map below. Scan the console on the right side of the door to get the lobi.

    Continued below...

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    Cold Case

    Once you reach the very last ground map on Raveh in the section of the mission called "Dig Site Disaster", head to the location marked on the map below. Scan the artifact to gain the lobi.

    Cold Storage

    The last lobi is found once you beam down to the first ground map in the "Enter the Archive" section of the mission.reach the "Intruder" section of the mission. Don't both with any of the mission goals, instead head north of the obelisk to the area marked on the map below. Scan the giant DNA statue to get the last lobi.

    And that does it! Enjoy.

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