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    So there not STF. But there are gate content.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
    I read these forums all the time.

    Actually I didn't jump ship, I'm just doing both PVP and STF's now. The Season 6 stuff isn't really a STF, DStahl just used them as an example.

    They are 5 man missions.. which is really where the similarities end.

    Here are a few key differences..

    They don't give you access to STF Loot. (They have their own rewards)
    There are not 2 separate versions of each one (Normal, Elite)
    They are event gated - (STF's are not)
    Some of them can only be played by max level characters (anyone over 45 can play a STF)
    The ones that are not gated to Max level characters will bolster (raise the level of the player) to 50 so they can play as well.

    Basically they are much more like the Mirror Universe Event than a STF...

    There will be more STF's in the future... Just no new ones for Season 6, while I try and get PVP in better shape.


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