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    Peregrine Falcon

    Default STOked 119 News thread

    Captain's Log: Interview with Cryptic's Al Rivera, part three

    "Today Captain's Log continues with the third and final installment of my interview with Al Rivera, Star Trek Online's Lead Designer at Cryptic Studios!"

    StormShade tweets a pic of Perfect World's booth at PAX East.!/Shaun_Brodie/s...452161/photo/1
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    from STIC Interviews dStahl
    Inside Star Trek Magazine interviewed Executive Producer Dan Stahl

    "The hiring we are doing now is to expand the capabilities across the team not just content"
    also some stuff about adding the Ent F outfits and new races

    most of it is to get new players i think not much news other then some day stuff like adding romulans
    and the hair tech (back wean the added caitians they talked about this)
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    Trek News and Views Podcast Interviews BranFlakes
    about the EU relaunch and 1st contact day
    talks about running 153 times trying to get his ground shield mark 12 (good that devs dont get it free)
    now have a french and german suport teams for the EU
    Right now the focus is for endgame content
    still trying to get a new thing every week

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    Friday the 13th mini-mission "Hearts and Minds"
    more info will be posted in blog (will add here)

    only up 6pm PDT on Thursday, April 12, until around 6am PDT on Saturday, April 14.
    it will only be around for Friday the 13th and perhaps another sufficiently horrifying day (Halloween?)
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    Default from the STO forms

    Making your MVAM (or saucer sep) pets match your weapon types is not something we can easily do, nor is giving them their own weapon slots. They are just instanced pets. We are able to give saucer sep pets Antimatter spread because we simply made 2 pets - then upon separation, we check, do you have AMS, is so, launch this pet. To match your weapons, we have to make countless if/than pets to try to match your load-out. So, maybe one day, but right now, the tech is not there. Ship is still awesome.

    In the pipeline is an update making it occasionally possible to get common species with the Resolve trait from the "Negotiate Prisoner Exchange" assignment. There is also a chance of getting common species with the Resolve trait when doing reassignments (i.e., 5 greens for 1 blue, 5 blues for 1 purple) from the Personnel Officer contacts in the respective Academies.
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    Default starbase info

    The goals for the system include:

    Provides for long-term endgame advancement
    Fair for both small and large fleets
    Fair for both casual and hardcore fleets
    Creates a foundation upon which can be potentially built things like territorial control
    Create significant opportunities for additional endgame play
    Provide additional use for many existing resources including Energy Credits, Dilithium, Commodities, Duty Officers, etc.
    Integrates with the duty officer system
    Allows for differentiation between fleets
    Directly rewards personal contributions to the fleet
    Provides a low barrier to entry
    Provides functional gameplay both for fleet leaders and also for every member of a fleet

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    new lockboxs
    FAQ on the new boxes

    more info on them ship stats

    Hull Strength: 36,000
    Shield Modifier: 1.05
    Crew: 450
    Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
    Device Slots: 4
    Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Ensign Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering , 1 Lieutenant Science
    Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science
    Base Turn Rate: 8 degrees per second
    Impulse Modifier: 0.15
    +5 Power to All Subsystems
    +50 Starship Hull Plating and Armor Reinforcements when in Defensive Mode
    Onboard Dabo Table
    Onboard access to the Bank, Mail, Exchange
    Ferengi Trade DOff contact
    Can equip Cannons
    Console - Universal - Battle Module 3000 (EMP Pulse; Battle Mode: Swarm Missiles, +30 Energy and Projectile Weapons Training)

    Hull Strength: 6,000 (increases as you level)
    Shield Modifier: 0.5
    Crew: 8
    Weapons: 2 Fore
    Device Slots: 1
    Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Ensign Universal
    Console Modifications: 1 Tactical, 1 Engineering, 1 Science
    Base Turn Rate: 23 degrees per second
    Impulse Modifier: 0.25
    +5 Engine Power
    +50 Starship Hull Plating and Armor Reinforcements
    Phaser Bank with 360-degree fire that increases in effectiveness as you level
    Photon Torpedo Launcher that increases in effectiveness as you level
    Metaphasic Shield Array
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    Default Season 5 Dev Blog 39

    I had thought I put this here when it first popped up but I guess I didnt. oh well I meant too.

    also now Dev Blog 40 is posted.
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    pach notes

    lots of changes to ship powers

    Updated Energy Siphon:
    The self-buff portion now has the same duration as the debuff on the target.
    Flow Capacitors no longer modifies the duration of this power, it now modifies the magnitude.
    Duration has been slightly increased, due to Flow Capacitors no longer increasing it.
    Flow Capacitor skill has a larger impact on Drain amounts than it does on Buff amounts
    This is in order to balance against opponent resists.
    Power Insulators reduce the magnitude of the debuff if you are targeted by this power, but have no effect on the buff the user will receive.
    Debuff can be cured using Science Team or Hazard Emitters.
    This has no effect on the buff portion of the power.

    Updated Beam Array - Target Subsystem Shields:
    Reduced duration of subsystem energy drain on ranks 1 and 2.
    They are now 10sec and 12sec, respectively.
    This drain should not stack, even when targeted by multiple foes.
    Reduced magnitude of subsystem energy drain on all ranks, and reduced the benefit it receives from Flow Capacitors.
    Increased the amount of Shield Damage dealt by this power.
    The amount of damage now scales with the rank of the power:
    At Rank 1 it now deals 2x as much shield damage as it previously did.
    At Rank 2 it now deals 2.5x as much shield damage as it previously did.
    At Rank 3 it now deals 3x as much shield damage as it previously did.

    Updated Tachyon Drones:
    Reduced the Shield Drain per tick on their Tachyon Beams to approx 70% of existing values.
    It should be noted that these are Carrier Pets, and thus are subject to some ongoing AI tweaks.

    Updated Tetryon Glider:
    Reduced base magnitude slightly.
    Reduced benefit that can be gained by investing in Flow Capacitors.

    Updated Tractor Beam:
    Increased base slow effect, but decreased the benefit it can gain from Graviton Generators.
    Reduced the effect that Inertial Dampers has on resisting the slow effect.

    Updated Trait: Covert:
    It now correctly works on Ground and not Space.
    Corrected Stealth Values to be more realistic: 10%, 20% and 30% for each rank of the Trait.
    Players have Rank 2.

    Updated Skill: Sensors:
    Doubled the benefit this skill gives to detection Cloaked ships.
    This is still only about a 1.0km difference between no skill and max skill, and can be offset by Aux levels.

    Updated Reverse Shield Polarity:
    No longer heals your shields from kinetic damage.
    Slightly increased duration of all ranks.
    Shield Emitter skill now gives an additional bonus to duration.
    Resolved an issue that caused all ranks to behave like Rank 1 in terms of percentage of damage converted to shield healing.
    Ranks 2 and 3 should be better heals now, in addition to their duration increases.

    Updated Medicinal Plants in Coliseum:
    Resolved an issue that may have caused Medicinal Plants to appear non-responsive.
    Slightly increased the range and magnitude of Medicinal Plants' healing effects.
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    one new thing not in the news is the Remen shield now has set powers listed mite this be a hint at upcoming loot?

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