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    Cool Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116

    A new STOked is OUT: Its our best tips and tricks to gathering Dilithium as efficiently as you can, and a review of the new Dilithium Mining Event!

    Its our best tips and tricks to gathering Dilithium as efficiently as you can. Plus well bust through some STO news from the week, and give you our review of the new Dilithium mining event!

    PS. Big thanks to Irish for his hard work on the Dilithium guide, and the news team for keeping track of all the stuff that happened in the week!

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    Well, there wasn't really much in the way of news last week to keep track of, but thanks. I'm always glad to help!

    The episode was good, as always. I'm not quite sure how you two managed to make Dilithium grinding sound interesting, but you did.

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    I only use 2 characters on my account... out of a possible 5, I think? It had escaped me before then to use those free slots to cover some quick daily-ways of accruing more dilithium.

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    It's very rare I see an episode of STOked on Tuesday without seeing it shot live, and I have to say it was great! A lot of good stuff in that thirty minutes, especially all that dilithium tips for getting it in the quickest ways (though I still don't support console quickies!) Can't wait for this doff guide, cause the doff system rules!

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    Would be nice if they changed the story line for the new mining mission , easy enough to say that the Eng one could be someone is sabotaging(sp) the mining machines and you go in undercover to find them. Tac maybe someone is raiding the miners. Sci , theres some strange anomoly "neutralizeing" the dilithium. Damn , I just made all that up on the spot ! Imagine what SUPPOSED professionals could ( read SHOULD) do. Epic Fail on Craptic part. IMO

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