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    Default Boldly They Rode - New Mar. 10, 2012

    The only accolade available for this mission is Alert Intruder for doing the optionals on the Promenade. However, the reward notice goes unseen because of a cut scene transition.

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    That I noticed yesterday when we talked about it. Thanks for the info none the less.

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    Go away for a weekend and someone takes my spot.

    The final mission in "The 2800" Feature Episode, "Boldly They Rode" is here and contains a single new accolade.

    You need no special requirements to get this accolade, but it is slightly hidden as the pop-up is hidden by a cut-scene.

    Alert Intruder

    To get the accolade, you must complete all 3 optional requirements during the section of the mission entitled "Intruder". All three optionals are simply interactions. Below I have pointed out where each is. A is on the upper level, while B and C are on the lower level.

    You can check to see if you have achieved the accolade by checking your log, or checking your accolade list.
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