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    TS Sever is back

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    Greetings Jupiter Force,

    The UFP is looking forward to joining you for an upcoming JFE on 5/23 at 2 PM ET. Hope to see you there!

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    As part of activities in celebration of 36th United Federation of Planets Awards Ceremony, I would like to cordially invite you to join us for Joint Fleet PvE // PvP Action to be held on Saturday, June 27th at 2000 UFP (8:00 PM BST). Event details and time zone conversion can be found at the link above.

    Please RSVP to indicate your interest (via direct e-mail or PM to Daedalus) so that we can get an accurate expected attendance count for the event. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

    Rear Admiral Daedalus
    Commanding Officer, UFP Office of External Affairs

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    I will add this to our list when i get home.... sadly i wont be able to make it as i will be out of state for 3.5 weeks

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    Just a quick reminder that our Joint Fleet PvE // PvP Event is happening tomorrow at 20:00 GMT! If you haven't already RSVP'd, please do so today!

    Rear Admiral Daedalus
    Commanding Officer, UFP Office of External Affairs

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    Is everyone excited about the new Armada system in STO?

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    Greetings from the UFP!

    In preparation for the imminent release of the Armada system for STO, I am conducting a quick survey of all diplomatic contacts to learn more about your plans and interest in forming, participating, or joining an Armada in STO. Please contact me to discuss your plans when you are ready!

    Rear Admiral Daedalus
    UFP Office of External Affairs

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    Hello Daedalus and UFP,

    I have asked our STO Game Captains to research the Armada system and come up with some suggestions for how we should engage with it. From what I currently understand of the system it is primarily intended to benefit smaller fleets by offering a tiered assistance model. That would seem to suggest that the larger fleets should take the Alpha tier in order to pass the highest benefits to the Beta and Gamma fleets in their hierarchy.

    Hopefully there is enough information published at this point to allow informed decisions to be made rather than have us all iterating through configurations in a trial and error process. As soon as we have some conclusions from our research we will contact you to share whatever we've come up with. Hopefully UFP is doing something similar and we can share any knowledge gleaned during this early stage.

    Irish Darkshadow
    Jupiter Force Guild Leader

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