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    The Wells Class is a 29th Century Federation built Temporal Science Vessel, designed to maintain the integrity of the timeline. Named after the 19th Century author H.G. Wells, the Wells class was only encountered the once by Captain Kathryn Janeway on the U.S.S. Voyager when it was lost in the Delta Quadrant in the year 2375, where the Captain attempted to stop sabotage of Voyager over the course of a five year time frame. The ship used for this, the Relativity-G, was a highly advanced time ship thatís central mission was to uphold and maintain the timeline. Recently, some of these ships have fallen through temporal anomalies created by the Tholians during their new incursion into the Alpha Quadrant, and Starfleet has managed to obtain these highly advanced vessels, but mostly stripped of their technology.

    The Wells is far more advanced vessel than anything in the current time period, however it is presumed that the ship has very limited technology compared to 29th Century starships because of the competitive nature of the ships in modern times. Whilst the ship appeared to have used Antiproton beam arrays and Chroniton torpedoes, the ships main feature is its temporal drive and the ability to use time itself to assist it in dire situations. The ship is capable of rewinding time several seconds to a point before a specific decision is made, allowing an alternate solution to be used in its place. The Wells also has a counterpart, the Mobius Destroyer. The Mobius is the Wells Class in the Mirror Universe, also from the 29th Century, but features a far more aggressive arsenal than the Wells. However, due to these vessels also coming into the hands of the Federation, Starfleet has also been able to exploit the abilities of the Mobius and the Wells and combine them onto both ships, allowing unique temporal technology to be developed centuries before its time. It is also believed the Klingon Empire has found vessels of their own, similar if not identical in nature to the Wells and Mobius.

    The Wells, and its counterpart the Mobius, have been kept top secret by Starfleet Intelligence until they could be redistributed for Starfleet use in the fleet. Adapted with modern technology, the Wells and Mobius time ships are not as powerful as they would be in the 29th Century, but are fearsome adversaries nevertheless.
    This article was originally published in blog: Ships of the Line - October Edition started by Ooiue
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