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    The Orb Weaver is a Tholian built Science Vessel, designed as a multi-purpose vessel able to achieve a variety of missions. The Tholian Assembly was first officially encountered by the Federation, known as United Earth during these events, in 2152 where a group of Tholian starships attempted to capture a pod supposedly from the future. They were encountered again a century later after the U.S.S. Enterprise responded to a distress call from the U.S.S. Defiant, which vanished without a trace. In both circumstances, the Tholians appeared to be very territorial and attempted to get what they want, either by diplomacy or force.

    The Orb Weaver has been known to spin the infamous “Tholian Web”, which, upon completion, can literally trap ships completely inside the web where they are unable to move and fire outside of it. Tholian weapons are as a result specifically configured to pass through the web in order to hit their targets trapped inside, resulting in an easy victory. The only way for a starship to escape the web is to destroy the ships as they are constructing the web, or concentrate fire on a specific junction on the web itself to disrupt that part of the network.

    Tholian ships tend to be Science based but they have capabilities to achieve a variety of tasks and have been employed by the Tholian Assembly for centuries. If any race got their hands on this Tholian vessel and its web technology, the Tholians may be a difficult to target as they have adapted to their own technology.
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