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    D'Kora Class Marauder

    The DíKora Class is a Ferengi built Marauder, designed to function to serve as a Freighter for the Ferengi Alliance, exporting and importing trade goods to and from the Ferengi Alliance. The Ferengi were first officially encountered by Starfleet in 2364 when the U.S.S. Enterprise-D followed a Ferengi Díkora Marauder to the Delphi Ardu System believing the ship to possess a stolen weapon. Whilst this contact was officially recorded to be the first encounter, previous incidents with the Ferengi were realised after extensive searching through Starfleet history, stretching back as a far as 200 years to the 22nd Century.

    The Marauder has also been known to serve as a Ferengi Battle Cruiser, possessing impressive firepower and the ability to survive over an extended period of time in certain circumstances. The ship is also equipped with a Battle Module, which allows the Marauder to literally transform into a configuration designed specifically for combat situations. Using this module and combining it with an EMP Pulse Generator as well as Swarm Missiles, the Marauder has its own fair share of fearsome weapons to hold its own in combat situations.

    The Marauder has always traditionally been a freighter-type ship and is intended by the Ferengi Alliance to fulfil this role, however, should the ship find itself under attack, enemy ships will find more than they bargained for when trying to raid a Ferengi Convoy.
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