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    The Defiant is a Starfleet build Tactical Escort, originally designed and conceived to fight the Borg. The Defiant was among the list of concept starships to be built to fight the Borg, which also included the Akira, Sabre, Norway, Steamrunner and Sovereign class vessels. Starfleet claimed to not have believed in warships, however the Defiant became a necessary asset after the first encounter with the Borg at System J-25 and then later at the Battle of Wolf 359. When the Borg threat became less urgent, Starfleet put the design of the ship on hold until further notice, upon which the threat of the Dominion occurred, assigning the very first prototype, the U.S.S. Defiant (NX-74205), to space station Deep Space 9. In 2373, the Defiant Class was put into mass production.

    The Defiant Class is especially equipped with Phaser Quad Cannons, energy weapons which had been designed specifically to deal heavy damage to Borg vessels. Whilst the Defiant Class is a small ship in comparison to the larger Starfleet cruisers, it is by no means a lightly defended ship. Equipped with Ablative Hull Armour and a powerful Warp Core, the Defiant is more than capeable of holding its own when facing increasing pressure. The original Defiant had a Cloaking Device borrowed from the Romulans, and newer built Defiant Classes are having cloaking devices fitted on them, believed to be stolen from the Klingon and Romulan Empire’s.

    The Defiant is a major foe for enemy vessels and to this end, it still relies on other Cruisers to help back it up if engaged in major fleet operations and is usually called upon in these instances.
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