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    The Bortas (meaning “Vengeance” in the Klingon language) is a KDF built Heavy Battle Cruiser, designed for commanding KDF fleets and assisting other KDF ships in large combat zones. Honouring a previous flagship of the KDF also named the Bortas; the new Bortas is more than capable of holding its own in a firefight, whilst dealing significant amounts of damage to any enemy ships. When Klingon Intelligence became aware of the launch of Starfleet’s new Odyssey Class starship, KDF engineers rushed to finalise the designs of the Bortas to ensure the Empire’s dominance in space.

    Originally conceived by Chancellor J’mpok as a way for a new more powerful ship design to lead the KDF and the Empire as a whole, the Bortas was developed to fulfil this vision. As with most Klingon ships, the Bortas has its own Cloaking Device similar to that of the other Battle Cruisers already present in the KDF fleet. However, due to the large warp signature emitted by the ship, the Cloaking Device is only 80% as effective and is not as capable with this technology as the other Battle Cruisers are. The ship has also been under more development by the designers and engineers within the KDF and is rumoured to be outfitted with it own personal Auxiliary Craft Bird of Prey designed to assist the Bortas in overwhelming odds.

    The Bortas now serves as the frontline ship for the Klingon Empire in the decaying war against the Federation and the renewed threat of the Borg, joining the Vo’Quv as a new command ship. Both ships serve as beacons of the Klingon Empire and as a result, the KDF have employed both ships to be command ships in any given situation.
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