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  • STF rewards - what you need to know.

    I've had a few questions raised about this so since my segment to cover this will be at least 2 weeks here's the lowdown on how it works.

    What to look for:
    Encrypted data chips (EDC)/
    Guaranteed 1 on normal, 2 on elite (during STF weekly event this is doubled).
    They rarely drop during the mission or as part of the team loot.

    Rare Borg Salvage/
    Medium rarity. Sometimes 1-2 drop in the personal loot, sometimes in team loot. Asfar as I know these aren't affected by the STF event.

    Borg *ITEM* tech/
    ITEM = shield, weapon, engine etc.
    Don't expect these to be common. I spent 40-50 STFs to get my first tech item yet another got their's first STF.
    Tech items drop in specific STFs (see below);

    Infected: Space -> Shield-----Ground -> Personal Shield
    The Cure: Space -> Engine-----Ground -> Weapon
    Khitomer Accord: Space -> Deflector-----Ground -> Armour

    Recruit = Mk10
    Veteran = Mk11

    Borg prototype tech/

    Currently unknown but from what little I've complete elite's they aren't guarranteed and should consider them extremely rare.

    Stuff you can buy/
    5 EDC or 1 rare Borg salvage
    1 Borg retrofit item (the old holodeck gear).
    Mk10 Standard Borg issue item.

    10 EDC or 2 rare borg salvage
    Mk11 Standard Borg issue item.
    1056 dilithium.

    20 EDC
    Mk10 Special reserve requisition item (Omega Force and MACO/Klingon Honor Guard).
    Rare Borg doff.

    40 EDC
    Mk11 Special reserve requisition item (Omega Force and MACO/Klingon Honor Guard).
    Very rare Borg doff.

    DO NOT rush to spend your EDC or rare Borg salvage!!!

    Why? Bear with me and I'll explain because this ended up benefiting me.

    I farmed 40 EDC but did nothing with them then I finally got a veteran PSG Borg tech item. I then cashed this in for the Klingon Honor Guard PSG.
    I then went and bought the KHG weapon with my 40 EDC. The reason being if I'd gone and bought the shield with EDC then got the PSG tech I'd be forced to buy 1 Omega PSG and one KHG PSG.
    I can only use 1 at a time and I get no set 2 bonus. Now with my set2 bonus of 2.5% damage and adrenaline hypo to facilitate STF ground STFs.
    Why did I choose the gun?
    1/ Borg proc means I do better damage.
    2/ The weapon tech comes from cure ground and that seems a stick issue with Armek being annoying. This way I can avoid cure ground and do KA more from the armour while farming space for EDC (and tech items) or infected incase I can pick up another PSG tech for Omega Force.

    Rare Borg Salvage aren't really anything special either.
    Space normal is so easy you really don't need them.
    Elite? Well if you look at the maths the MK11 Acc, CrtD, Borg weapons (compared to my MK11 Dmg, CrtD, CrtH weapons);

    My weapons do about 5dps more so actually better by a tiny bit.
    My weapons crit more often by 2.5%.
    My weapons crit 20% more.

    As an offeset the Borg weapons are 10% more accurate (I recall accuracy not affecting PvE) and has a 7.5% chance to do 1000 damage to the Borg.

    Now yes you could buy ground gear like the weapons for the Borg damage to get through the adaptation a bit better but I really don't see how the Borg weapons will significantly outdamage my current weapons in space and at best this will only be against the Borg). So that leaves rare Borg salvage only being useful for dilithium currently. I would recommend holding off on using the rare Borg salvage because you don't know what will happen. On Tribble, rare Borg salvage used to be used for the special reserve requisition items but it seems that's now gone.

    You could buy doffs but it's a lot for 1 doff and it will be of limited use for doing more doff assignments. It could help you with future STFs in the form of beamin down another escort but this is reliant on your ability.

    My advice:
    1. Save up EDC for ground veteran special reverse requisition (to begin with).
    2. Look out for the veteran ground tech drops and when you get one look to spend your 40+ EDC on another item of the same set (my example above should be clear enough) so you get the set2 bonus.
    3. Focus then on farming another 40 EDC for the 3rd item especially the STF which gives you a chance of getting that tech drop (in my example, KA ground gives the armour).
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